Monday, October 11, 2004

"Just Tip My Hat And Call The Yankees My Daddies."

Hola mi amigos. Good ol’ Monday. It’s been treating me good so far and Monday is the thing I most look forward to all week. Of course that is RAW and the great ending broadcast that Jim Ross will scream out to the highest of high levels. You all want to know what down in my exciting weekend huh? Well, not sure how exciting it’ll be for you, but I enjoyed it.

Saturday I didn’t leave the house. Should I be proud of that? Probably not, but I did what needed to be done. I woke up around 1:30, after a whopping 11 hours of sleep. Going to bed at 2:30 on a Friday night is really rare for me, but I blame that one on the sore throat blues and not much sleep during the week as usual. If I get 6 hours of sleep on a work night, I’m dominating. We all know that rarely happens though.

First things first on Saturday. It was Stanford at Notre Dame. Ty Willingham facing his old boys and we needed a win after Purdue thumped us last week. We pulled this one out on Darius Walker’s running ability and ended up winning by the score of 23-15. We’re now sitting at 4-2 with a game at Navy next week, so I’ll take that. The military teams, no matter how bad they are, more often than not play us tough, so hopefully we don’t go in with a bloated ego. Five more games to go for the season with two huge ones left on the board, both on the road, going to Rocky Top Tennessee and USC.

Once 4:30 hit, I didn’t watch a single second of college football after that. Most guys are bigger on football than baseball, but not me. Especially when it comes to playoff baseball. Game 4 of the ALDS, in which Johan Santana went toe to toe with the Yanks. After battling from another deficit in which we were losing, we do what we have all year long. We had 61 come-from-behind wins this year, the most in the history of the game if I’m right on that stat. That’s just sick. Yep, we did it again to dust off the Twins, this time in the 11th inning, 6-5. Out of our 3 wins in this series, two came in extra innings. Fear! The ALCS starts on Tuesday night against Boston in what should be good times. I like our chances, but it won’t be easy. Remember though, we’re Pedro’s Daddy. Hopefully that trend continues.

I won’t rant too much more on sports, but I watched Lima Time go nuts on the Cardinals for one the better playoff pitching performances I’ve seen. Lima Time, belieeeeeeve it! Too bad the Dodgers are down and out, but you can’t blame Lima Time for that one. Also in related baseball news, rest in peace Ken Caminiti, who had a heart attack at the young age of 41. He partied like a rock star over the year, got caught up with steroids and cocaine and now he’s gone. He was a former MVP though, so he has some legacy to carry away with him.

Saturday night at 11:00 I watched a 2-hour special on BET about the pioneers of hip hop and how we came to where we are today in the industry. I eat these shows up and could watch them all day. I put this in the same category as sports trivia. I like to think I’d do pretty well in a rap trivia contest. Not that I win anything for that, but that’s just some random bits of info for you to chew on.

There is a God! NBA is back! Last night I got to watch the opening of preseason action as the Heat took on the Rockets. Most could care less about preseason anything, but I was all hyped for this madness. The studs only play a few quarters, but still it’s good to see how some teams flow. My Celtics open up on Tuesday night and I can’t wait. With the EDDFL and ABA fantasy basketball drafts approaching, October is one of the best months you can ask for.

Get this deal I have setup for today and tomorrow at “work”. I got to play the DCT teacher today. DCT is where the seniors who have most of their credits take classes for half the day and then go off to work and get credit for that. I did this at two different high schools, ManDingo High and my old school as well. Needless to say, that includes some travel. I had a class today from 7:50-9:40, drove home to hang online for about an hour, went to my old school and had another class of seniors, did a half hour of lunch duty, and got to leave school at 1:20. I got paid for being there all day too, so that’s quality. Teaching 6th Grade punks last week to having seniors this week is such a change. With the younger kids, you have to always keep your eye on them and can’t be too much of a bum. In high school, I get to work away on fantasy stats, read some magazines, and just hang out. That’s the joys I get for being a sub I guess. The older kids are way laid back, mind their own business, and relate to me pretty good. A sub for the most part plays the role of a babysitter. With the older kids, I could wander around the school if I had to and not worry about them getting rowdy rowdy and bout it bout it as Master P would say. Who knows. Who knew?

I’ll be sure to hit you guys up with some reading material in the next few days. Until then, I’ll leave you with a classic:

Rapper: Eazy-E – Song: Nutz On Ya Chin – Album: Str8 Off Tha Streets of Muthaphuckin Compton

One and in comes the two to the muthaphukkin three
Then comes the Eazy to the other fuckin E
Playin niggaz life like a puppet and can't dance
But could touch it so fuck it rappers want to dis
I'm glad to see `em cause I rip your fuckin face outta a magazine
O.G. gangsta lean now after I shit your face wipes that ass clean
Now time to get tipsy
And don't want a bitch if she can't rub the balls like a gypsy.
Who's all in?
Since you put yourself on my dick I put my nutz on ya chin...


J.D. said...

Nice Brian Pillman picture there. Not much else to say on this one today.

Susie said...

Ha....nice title. I would rather slap your ass and ask "Who`s your daddy?" (or daddies)hehe..Take care!

Bird33 said...

Funny thing on that Dingo. I was talking to TheFreak and we were talking about Caminiti and Superman dying and we got into talking about wrestling deaths. While searching for a pic to use today, I said that I'd just put a pic of Pillman on there out of nowhere for no apparent reason, so that's why he's on there today.

DirtyKash said...

Bird, I have to congratulate you on yet another excellent blog. Keep up the good work, the randomness of it all makes for interesting reading.

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