Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Post

On Saturday I went to Boone County with Cork for Posey’s wedding. Boone County is in the southern part of West Virginia for those not following along at home and it’s basically straight up in the middle of nowhere. I’ve always wanted to check out the area since I’ve heard all kinds of stories. The trip was 2½ hours away and it made for a good road trip. Of course on the way down, me and Cork had to fire up some rap music. What’d we use for the ride? Some older Trick Daddy, Young Buck, Warren G, and Westside Connection. I’m probably missing a CD in there somewhere, but it was a good selection. And is there a dirtier, more thuggish acting or looking rapper than Trick Daddy? He doesn’t even have to act the part. He cracks me up good. You also can’t go wrong with his songs about or with the kids.

The town itself is a little place called Madison. This is some laid back southern living. I liked the setup a lot. The wedding itself was a nice turnout and everything went great. What I enjoyed the best was the food though. By far the best wedding food I’ve ever had. A few weeks ago, me and Cork hit up this rich boy wedding and the food was horrendous. Forget that catering stuff. How do they do it in the South? Well, South WV anyways, but it still feels like the Dirty South to me with how friendly everybody is and how it’s aid back. They loaded us up with some good home cooked food. Ham, turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes, Lil Smokies in some kind of sauce (these ruled all mankind), pasta salad, regular salad, rolls, baked beans, mac n cheese, and a ton of other things. Also at the reception, me and another dude got the honor of tearing up Posey’s car. They gave us some shaving cream and hair color to spray all over the car. They thought we’d just spray the windows, but since me and the dude helping me never done that before, we just went all out. I sprayed all over the car, he got the cream everywhere (all over the tires, windows, door handles, etc), and this last one was real interesting to me. Some of the older guys told us to stuff cheese up the exhaust pipe. They said it works great. We didn’t have a clue if they were messing with us since we were from up North, but we took their word from it. Hopefully it didn’t mess anything up in Posey’s car.

I didn’t miss The Bachelor this week. It’s getting heated on this show now. Jayne, who has been my favorite all along, finally flips out during a slumber party. She gets jealous when she sees Byron all over other chicks and doing stuff with them. What does she expect? Later in the show, Jayne freaks out at night and runs to Byron’s room to whine. The chicks aren’t allowed to stay the night in his room, so she had to show her face to the other chicks who were trashing her. That’s really about the only meaningful storyline this week. We’re down to the Final Four. Who got sent home packing with the pimp slap on the way out? Andrea and Jayne are now sitting at home, typing up Blogs as we speak, single still. Just like the rest of us, with their right hand as their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Notre Dame was off this week, so not much I was really concerned with when it came to college football. My Bears are on national TV tonight actually, which is a scary thought, taking on the just-as-hapless Niners. The TV producers must’ve been smoking some good crack when they scheduled a Niners/Bears game for their Sunday Night Game of the Week. Hopefully the Bears don’t embarrass all of their fans (are there any left?) as other football maniacs make us a laughingstock. The week after this we go on the road to the Giants to battle the G-G-G-G-G-G-Men and then the following week it’s at Tennessee. The week after that? Against the Colts. Ouch. Big ouch for a few weeks at least.

I have a bigger report to write next time just on the EDDFL, which is our fantasy NBA league that we’ve been running for years. The non-basketball fans won’t care, but you’ll just have to deal with that for now I guess. Today’s post is going to be a mini version and then I’ll gear up for the EDDFL preview to prepare us for Opening Night of the NBA on Tuesday. I hope to have some pictures up of our league as well, but I’ll see what I can do. Until then, I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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