Friday, October 01, 2004

Drama On The Real World

Thanks to Mustang for picking out today's Blog from the mean streets of Michigan. Because she's gangsta like that. w00t!

Are you ready for another fun-filled Blog? This will gear us up for the weekend, in which I was pumped to have 3 days off in a row. I can’t complain about a long weekend. For some reason, my parents roll to the Buckwheat Festival and let me know they’re leaving. This was about 8:15 or so. I didn’t feel like going back to bed, so I hit up some Tiger to get the day going good. I’ll touch bases on Real World, The Bachelor, the Yankees clinching the AL East, new CDs added to my collection, and whatever else I can squeeze in the Madhouse.

Let’s rewind back to Tuesday night. Real World of course goes down then. Last week was very uneventful, as the events then just focused on Big Willie Style bringing the Gay Pride Convention right into their house. This of course brought about the MJ Face as he doesn’t know how to react around gays. More on MJ in a bit, but I’ll talk about something else before that. Vonda goes into this spiel about how her parents used to beat on her. She’s been trying to make it on her own since she was 17 and really doesn’t get much help. Her Dad was supposed to send money to her in Philly, but he ignored it and she had to get money from his Dad’s ex chick and her new man. Sound complicated? I can’t figure out these mixed families anyways. They should have that as a major in college to figure out how that process works.

The main topic surrounding this episode dealt with MJ and Karamo. They were getting all kinds of crunk in the club and ruckus began. Apparently, Karamo has this holster/bling bling thing that the cops noticed and they go up to him and give him a hard time. They cuff him up and he’s pulling the race card. He’s yelling at MJ for help and MJ is getting his mack on with this blonde chick. After it’s all over, Karamo is outside cussing the cops. He then gets MJ to talk and asks him about 347 times if he’s even been asked by the cops if he was carrying a gun. MJ was in a coma and didn’t answer and Karamo kept asking. You can’t beat some good yelling action going on. Then MJ walks off and leaves his buddy (or so Karamo thought so, but not in the way you’re thinking) hanging. I’m still waiting for something big to explode, but it hasn’t been as exciting as I want so far in this season’s happening. Next week they begin their job as they do some work with the Philadelphia Soul football team owned by none other than Bon Jovi.

Wednesday night for The Bachelor. I’ll get you guys watching whether you like it or not. Watch once and it’ll suck you in. This is the first season of The Bachelor that I’ve watched. A new thing was added this week. Before the rose ceremony (where the dude tells a few of the girls to beat the trail and get to stepping), he gets to have two solo dates with whoever he picks. One funny thing I like about this is how this dude can say ANYTHING and the girls eat it up. Even guys who can’t talk a good game would have these chicks all over him because most probably just want the fame. Then again, I’m sure he wants fame too. They all think he’s “the one”. Yet he’s been married once already, so maybe we’re not seeing something on the surface, or maybe he was just with a dirty before that he had to get rid of. That’s what we need to see. Show us the stuff behind the scenes and not sugarcoat it with how much of a gentleman this guy is. How is he supposed to act anyways? That’s why I’ll keep lobbying for a gangsta or a white trash redneck to be the star of this show.

The first girl he takes on a date is a girl named Cheresse. Why do I tell you these names if you don’t watch the show? I don’t have a relevant answer for you there. He surprises her by taking her to a private show by Brandy and she sings for them. For what it’s worth and those who don’t know, Brandy is now engaged to Quentin Richardson of the Phoenix Suns. Check out her new video too as she’s looking real good, and she’s a Mom. The next date is with this 37-year old girl named Jayne. He took her on a fishing outing and she caught her first fish evarrrr. They hit it off good and she’s not as slutty as a lot of these other chicks. More of Krysta the dirty getting jealous at every other girl in the house. That makes for good entertainment and I think ABC makes him keep her along for the ride for drama purposes. Leina, a hot looking Hawaiian type chick (maybe?) does her best Ludacris impression and rolls out on the show, as she admits she has a guy back home she needs to get back to. My favorite chick, or at least looks wise, Natalie, got the shaft this week. Not the porn shaft, but the shaft out the door.

We’re down to the Top 10. Not that you care, but here is who is left for the pickings: Tanya, Amanda, Elizabeth, Cheresse, Andrea (was bawling because she was worried she wouldn’t get picked; stupid girl), Susie, Jayne, Kristie, Krysta, and Cindy. Ashley, Natalie, Wende, and Kelly are now sitting at home, writing Blogs like us, while being single. Next week could be interesting though. They bring in two “mystery” girls to add to the selection. They show a preview of the other girls whining about that. I’m too caught up in this mess, but oh well. I could be doing worse.

Last night my Yankees clinched the AL East for the 7th straight season. They also got to 100 wins on the year, which along with St. Louis, they’re the only two teams who will do that. Meanwhile, Arizona may not get to 50. The weekend series at Toronto doesn’t mean much since we clinched, but I hope we can just keep the momentum going for the playoffs. Every year people say we’ll get rocked and maybe this is the year. I’d say we have the shakiest pitching of a 100-win team in quite some time, but then again, nobody else is blowing things away as a staff, plus we have Mo Rivera, so I’m confident we can get pretty far.

The early risers will know what I’m talking about here. Does anyone watch ESPN2’s Cold Pizza? It’s a pretty good show actually. It’s on in the mornings from 7:00-9:00 EST, and a replay from 9:00-11:00. My favorite segment of the show is when Woody Paige (of Around The Horn fame) and Skip Bayless (hosts the Jim Rome Show when Romey is out often and is a regular on Rome Is Burning). Not many like Skip, but he tells things how it is. He can be a punk, but it makes for good TV, especially combining him with the great Woody Paige. Woody absolutely makes Around The Horn. When he takes a day off, the show isn’t nearly as good as it is normally.

What’s new in the world of CDs? I’ll just run down what I loaded up on last night:

Busta Rhymes: Genesis

Game: Nigga With Attitude (Compton G-Unit rapper)

Mac Mall: The Macuscripts – Volume 1

MC Eiht: Veteran’s Day

Michael Jackson: Off The Wall

Young Kev: Ghetto Gospel

Cork hooked me up with an older Busta CD there. He’s underrated if you ask me. Cork has a bundle at home he’s going to bring out in the next few days, so that’ll be more to the collection. Game is a must for you to get, especially for the people along for the ride on this album. Of course you get 50 and Lloyd Banks, but you also get Snoop, Ludacris, Kanye West, Jim Jones, WC, Lil Flip, and something that takes my breath away, even the man himself, Dr. Dre makes a rap appearance in that one, which is rare today. Mac Mall and MC Eiht have been talked about in here before, and both are Bay Area thugs, so you can’t go wrong with that. The next one I went with a little old school with some old Michael Jackson. Say what you want about his stuff outside of music, but he can get it done musically and is the best dancer ever if you ask me. Usher can’t hang with that, no chance. Lastly, we get Young Kev. Who is that? I have no idea either, but I figured I’d try it out for the fun of things.

I’d like to give two big birthday shoutouts today. Both have Blogs, so they get that hyped up as well. Happy Birthday to ManDingo and Susie!


Susie’s Blog:


josh said...

Awww c'mon mane.... Urrrsher > JackO and you know it. So let it burn.

Bird33 said...

I'm not saying I don't like Ursh. He's really talented and has some crazy dance moves. But in my opinion, when you compare his dance moves to Jackson's, there is no comparison. Or at least in my book anyways. I know he's a freak, but dude is a legend.

Anonymous said...

Its not that I dont want you to know who I am...I'm just not registered. This is WALZ.

Anyways...Kathy is a DIE HARD fan of the Bachelor. Never misses a beat!

I also wanted to let you know, when I get home from work at 6am...I unwind to Mike and Mike on ESPNEWS, I like that much better than Cold Pizza.

josh said...

can Mike do the A-Town stomp? the A-town stomp? or the muscle? how 'bout the muscle? can he thunderclap, hey? can Michael Jackson thunderclap, hey? Can he rock away? Or rock away? I wonder if that man can rock away, or rock away... and stop.

I'm just yankin' yer chain. I'm not sure who I prefer there for real, it'd be an epic duel.

Cork said...

DH, All Usher does is jerk around and do crazy movements. MJ has flow. If Usher was a short, overweight, balding white guy with an overgrown goatee (kind of like myself) he'd be the worst dancer ever, but he's fresh and young looking so he's cool. He can sing but hell, I'd put Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer in front of him as far as dancing goes.