Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Get Ya Mind Correct

What’s up you pimps and playas? Not sure if any are out there, but just in case, I have you covered if I’ve never given you props in my Blog before. The week is starting off great and hopefully will only get better. It’s a jam packed week for me, but the question remains, will I be able to contain myself? I could type all night on Celtics games and fantasy basketball, but I’ll try not to bore you TOO much with that stuff. Besides that, we have much more action to discuss, so away we go.

I had a Blog ready to go, but the Yankees game last night spoiled things. Hopefully we can win tonight, so I can put a pic that I’ve been waiting to put up for the Sox guys, but stranger things have happened. How about the last two games though? Unbelievable stuff for sure. The fans are getting their money’s worth in this playoff series, as last night’s game was 6 hours long in a 14-inning slugfest, with the Sox winning to bring the series to 3-2 in favor of the Boys From The Bronx. The night before? They only went a depressing 12 innings, in which Boston won again. The last two games (if necessary for Game 7) are held at Yankee Stadium. We’ll see how the tide turns. And on a similar note, me and Cork hit up a 15-inning game last year at PNC Park that featured the Play of the Year in Brian Giles making a video game catch not far down from us and the place goes buckwild. It was awesome being at a game that long though. Most people want to leave early, but not me.

RAW happenings this week. First off, this show was solid. It built up for Taboo Tuesday, which was only a day away from RAW’s show. Actually, it’s going on right now as I type this. Two matches I’ll touch on and that’s it, but don’t let that fool you into this being a bad show, because as I said, it was solid. We had Evolution taking on Jericho and Orton. Evolution minus Triple H that is. Give me a Flair match every week until he’s 80 years old. Flair locks on the Figure Four and makes YJ2 tap. Tap boy! Tap! Our main event featured a Triple Threat Match with HBK, Edge, and Benoit. This was a good match with no interference. Imagine that in today’s wrestling world. Edge rolls up Benoit and holds onto the ropes for a cheap win, but still a win. How does Good Ol’ JR respond to this? Let’s go to the footage:

Edge counters! Edge has got the tights! Edge has got the tights! And Edge wins it! Well folks, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to get the opportunity. The opportunity to meet the World Champion comes by your votes. Are you going to vote for Edge? Are you going to vote for Shawn Michaels? Are you going to vote for Chris Benoit? The polls are open now! And they’ll be open right up until Taboo Tuesday King. The Game will meet one of the three men you seen in this hellacious battle. Will Triple H defend the World Title against HBK? Against Chris Benoit? Or will it be against Edge? Tomorrow night, 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific! You fans determine the fate of Taboo Tuesday! From start to finish, which one of these three will meet that man, Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Title? Tomorrow night at Taboo Tuesday? Your vote counts! Don’t forget to vote! We’ll see ya tomorrow night on Pay Per View!

Real World this week? We’re getting more storylines. Some good, some awful. I’m jealous about something in the house though. Sure, the house is a mansion basically and has anything you can imagine, but they have a Street Fighter 2 tabletop arcade. Whoa! Cork had a chance to buy a SF2 arcade last Christmas time for around $300 and didn’t. We should’ve jumped all over that, but the moral of the story is that we’re idiots as usual. Can you really put a price on that? One of these days I’ll have one. I’m not sure how I’d get it upstairs in my part of the house though. Anyways, the Gay America starts happening again. Karamo is worried about what people think of him being gay, but he’s finally opening up and gets with this thug fitness dude named Dorian. He first said he was done with relationships until he got back home, but that didn’t last long. The other thing we have going on is that everyone in the house is hating Melanie, and for good reason. She needs a dose of Sweet Chin Music about as much as anyone. I’m getting mad typing about her, so I’m going to stop with that ball of drama. Next week we might have some action though. Landon turns into CT and Big Brad and goes nuts when he gets drunk. Let’s hope he gets out of control like those two and brings some entertainment.

A few quick CD notes. One you definitely need to get and one you should never lay your hands on. The first is Mos Def’s new one, The New Danger. It really is dangerous. In a very very bad way. I expected some good flow out of Mos Def, but this one features a bunch of guitars (a big no-no in rap music for me) and weird beats. The other is an older one from Paul Wall, Get Ya Mind Correct. If you’re into the Texas rap scene, you need to hit up on some Paul Wall.

Time for some plugs, since I haven’t done that in a while. Also, because I haven’t put a thing in here that just displays them all on the side of my Blog. One of these days I’ll be smart enough to do that one hopefully. Here’s a list of my Blog buddies:

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As The Patriarch of #basketball would say, CARRY ON. And if you’re wondering who The Patriarch is, it’s none other than Uncle Wilbur.


Anonymous said...

Now that I have the link to this I can leave comments again. Just kinda tells me I need to pay attention to sports more to know what the hell your talking about huh? lol.


Susie said...

Ugghhh..Our Yankees look sad tonight. I sooo wanna smash my TV!

Anonymous said...

Go Sox! I'm so glad they won and not NY. NY's been in it way too much.. Sox needs a chance...


Anonymous said...

Wow Bird, I feel honored ... the #Balls Patriarch, shit I feel older and older.

Good stuff as always!

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