Friday, October 22, 2004

Trick Luv Da Kids

How about The Bachelor this week? Game 7 of the Yanks game was on at the same time as this was rolling. I pop in a tape and then watch the baseball game instead, thinking I’ll watch The Bachelor after the game. 10:00 rolls around and I hit the stop button. Just to be safe, I checked the tape to make sure it all taped and doh! I taped the wrong channel. I’ve done this a million times before, but screwed it up on something I wanted to watch.

Good thing for Meggie though. She filled me in on the drama that I missed. We’re down to six after this week came to a finish. Krysta is gone! The porn slut is now off the show. At least she added some excitement for a few weeks, but I still wasn’t big on her at all. Also, our favorite, Jayne got fired up this week. Or as Michael Irvin and the boys would say on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, “You just got JACKED UP!” Apparently, Bachelor Boy took Amy out on a private date and Jayne flipped. Next week I’ll get back on track though. I need slapped for missing it.

It was time for yet another haircut appointment. This one was pretty good. I got to talking with my barber on Game 7 of the Yankees game (got my haircut on the day of). He was talking about betting on the game and busts this quote out: “I’d lay a fuckin $1000 on the Yankees tonight. They have to win this fuckin game. Then again, if I would bet $1000 on this game, and they somehow lost, I’d have to fuckin kill myself.” Another topic that got started was about guys wizzing all over the toilets when they go in. His theory on his bathroom? This 7-year old kid was there with his Dad and he told the kid to stand as close as he could to the pot so it wouldn’t go everywhere. He says this one guy who comes in, he actually makes him sit down and do it because he’s tired of wizz going all over the place in his bathroom. To hear him tell it is great, because f-bombs are flying every other word, even with the little kid around.

Not a whole lot I can say on the Sox/Yanks series other than what is being said everywhere. Props to the Sox though. I got a little carried away and had a big Blog thought up of how I’d celebrate, but that didn’t happen. I was going to throw up a classic DeGeneration X pic and tell the Sox I had two words for em. Instead, they tell the Yanks that they have two words for us. And you all know those two famous words. If you don’t, I’ll let DX demonstrate that for you in this pic:

I did get pretty mad during Game 7 though. I can’t deny that one. I was saying how I wanted to bash in my TV for good measurement. I’m sure I’ve talked about this one before, but if not, it’s a fun story to bring up. While teaching beside the infamous Petey I earlier this week, he brings up a story about my Grandpa and uncles shooting out TVs after Yankees losses. My favorite story through the family is in the 1950 World Series when the Pirates beat the Yanks in Game 7 with Bill Mazeroski’s “walk-off” (so ghey!) home run. That was one of the TV shooting incidents. I wish I could’ve been there to see some of that action in those days.

I just got back from treating myself to some great Chinese food. I like hitting it up after a week of work, so today I did just that. I haven’t had to pay the dinner price for a while. Maybe I’ve established myself as a regular here, but I can’t complain about that. I go with my usual from the buffet today. General Tso’s Chicken (I already want more and I just got done eating), Pineapple Chicken, Pork Fried Rice (mmm mmm mmm), Cheese Wontons, Chicken & Broccoli, and once that stuff was finished, I load up on some pineapples, jello, and apricots. Chinese places have underrated fruit. I haven’t been to one where the fruit sucked, so I’ll stay true to my word on that one.

Yesterday at “work”, my kids had some time on the computers. They now have every single Nintendo game EVAR loaded up on the school’s network with the ROMs. I was just having fun watching. I didn’t want to bust any heads on the games, so I let them battle it out. They wouldn’t have gotten the computer back if I had loaded up Tecmo Bowl though. It would’ve been on like Donkey Kong. Speaking of which, they played Donkey Kong for a while.

How about today’s work? I had a real small class and that made it easy. I had 5 girls in it when there are normally more people, but all of the guys got sent to ISS the day before for making a teacher cry like a baby. True story. Not to mention, I only had to work the afternoon, woke up at 10:00, go to school at 11:10 and got done at 3:00. Oh yeah, I didn’t have my first class until 1:20, so I got to be a bum while reading SLAM and soaking more NBA knowledge into my thick skull. I have it rough.

Tonight, I’m going to watch the Celtics battle it out against the Nets in preseason action. This will be the first preseason game where I haven’t had to flip between a Yankees playoff game. Once that is over, I believe me and Cork Dizzle are heading out to watch Team America: World Police. I’m pumped to see this, as it’s rated R. They had to delete a few scenes to get it from an NC-17 rating to R and this is little puppets were talking about. More on that to come next time.


DirtyKash said...

You seem not to like the "walk-off homerun" term that much. So I'll paste what I wrote over at Jon's board.

A game winning homerun doesn't necessarily end the game. A player can hit a game winning homerun in the top the 9th inning, but will still have to take the field after hitting the homerun. On the other hand, after a walk off homerun, the game is over. You don't have to take the field again, you don't have to keep playing, the game is over and you win. You walk off because the game is over. Therein lies the difference.


Bird33 said...

Yeah yeah. :) I still hold my thought on the term though. I understand the whole game winning homer and walk-off, but I don't like it all complicated like that. Seems like they just came up with a new slick way to say it. Maybe we can give another name for it? I dunno. More on this developing situation later.

Susie said... missed The Bachelor?....Poor you! hahaha!
Nice blog. Take care of things for me tomorrow while I am working my "double." 1 good thing..I have off again Sunday! Wipppeee! ;)

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