Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Meggie Is The Hottest Girl I Know

Props go to my girl Meggie for picking out today's Blog title..

Enough of the politic garbage going on. I keep up with it actually, will vote, but I don’t want my night ruined by yet another debate. If anything it slows down my TV flipping ability, so I guess that’s one good reason. What am I talking about you ask? Wednesday night, I gear up to watch The Bachelor. I got a shower before that and barely had time before the show came on. It’s like I got my shower at the buzzer. A walk-off homerun if you will? Anyways, no Bachelor action for me tonight. Instead, I’m now flipping between two things. That is the Celtics preseason game against the World Champion Pistons (Kasher’s boys) and the Yankees battling the Sox in Game 2 of their duel.

A movie that is a few years old I recently saw. I watched Rob Schneider’s The Animal earlier this week at work. Yes, I get paid to watch comedies. I’m surely not complaining about that statistic. This movie had me cracking up good and the kids were all over it too of course. Most had seen it, but I said I’d watch it as well instead of sitting there being a bum. The chick sort of did it for me in this one too and I’m not big on short haired chicks too often. She must’ve passed the test somehow. Not a knockout, but good to look at. Anyways, Schneider hit this role great I thought. Sandler even has a few appearances in this one, giving a few one liners and having you rolling.

Yes, we have some RAW action to talk about this week. I’ve been cutting you guys a break the past week or two by not loading you up with a crazy amount of wresting news. I’m holding out. It’s like I’m an alcoholic. I want to get that drink (the wrestling news to you) out there, but I hold it in. I’m sure I’ll bore you soon enough with a 5 page report on RAW. For now, I’m hitting the basics for you and definitely JR’s ending, which you all wait for so much.

This RAW was held in Manchester, England. With that happening, it wasn’t a live RAW like we’re used to. The hardcore wrestling fans will definitely remember the days of RAW when it was taped every single week, even during the Monday Night Wars with WCW. You get your Flair dose this week as always. He and Randy Orton cut a great promo on each other. Orton hasn’t gotten as over as the WWE wanted, so now they’re trying to get Flair to rise him back up to stardom. He’ll make him look like a million bucks, even at his age. Last week Flair got heat backstage for saying some edgy stuff, even for wrestling standards. He tells Orton that he’s not a legend such as himself and mentions how he has made so many virgins bleed over the years. Only in wrestling do we get a storyline where a baby dies and the “bad” guy makes jokes about how he’s the baby killer (Snitsky and Kane), to go with how Flair makes virgins bleed.

The main event was great though, as it was a 6-Man Tag Match featuring Evolution going toe-to-toe against Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, and Edge. Of the good guy team, one of those three will face Triple H at the new Pay Per View for the title. HBK sits up for some Chin Music, but Edge tags himself in, disrupting it. HHH grabs Edge and goes for the Pedigree in which HBK runs back in and delivers some Chin Music, laying HHH down cold, where Edge takes credit and rolls onto Trips for the win. They each talked afterwards on how they all deserve to fight HHH, in which Edge hits a Spear on both HBK and Benoit. No way does Edge get the shot, but stranger things have happened. Triple Threat Match next week with these three, so that’ll be exciting. What would JR say on this subject?

That’s huge! That is absolutely huge! What a main event next week! Right here on RAW! Michaels.. Benoit.. and, wait a minute.. wait wait wait uh... OH NO! First Shawn Michaels and now Benoit! I don’t know if deserved is the right word, but what I’d use right now is that Edge has made a huge impact as Shawn Michaels is getting the hell Speared out of him! Then it was Chris Benoit getting Speared! And we know that next Monday night what a main event! Triple Threat! Edge! Shawn Michaels! Benoit! In the ring at the same time! What a statement Edge has made! The Triple Threat Match is going to be huge next Monday night! Live on RAW from Chicago!

Does it get much better than Rice Krispies Squares? I’ll probably get myself sick eating this pan all at once. You know what else is good? Welch’s Fruit Snacks. You need to pick these up, no matter what age you are. You may know them as fun fruits? I think you now what I’m talking about, but these are no ordinary fun fruits. Too bad they don’t make an adult portion of these in like extra jumbo size. Speaking of supersize, has anyone seen the movie Super Size Me yet? I’ve been wanting to pick this one up as it can’t be too bad. The dude eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight and wonders why it messed him up. Go figure. If I eat it once, I’m feeling bad. Fatty Fat Fatties as Blahah The Great would say.

Let’s talk about Real World here quickly. This week was better than last week. I’ll give them that much. But that’s like saying if someone cuts back on smoking 4 packs of cigs a day to going to only 3 and a half. Improvement is a good thing though. This week didn’t revolve around Gay Pride America. Instead, we got some actual relationships featuring straight people. MJ and Sarah are trying to do their thing. MJ is all over her one second and the next he doesn’t want her in his bed. This gets jealous Sarah stomping off whining and she thinks they should go separate ways. We know they’ll get all porned up together sooner or later, but that’s the drama I guess. Also, we have Shavonda and Landon wanting each other. Vonda is worried that she’s going to cheat on her man, so she wants to take a break. Her man is confused and says either end it or nothing else, because what she wants is to get all over Landon, then come back home after the show is over and act like nothing happened. After dropping a few f-bombs on her man, her man turned the tide and went off on her, then supposedly ends it by hanging up in her face. The next day, they’re talking again. I sure can’t figure this out.

I won’t get on a Yankees binge during this post, but they’re showing the celebs at Game 2 right now, I’ll touch that. One is Matt Damon in his Sox getup. Now after seeing Rounders, everytime I see Damon, his character of Mike McDermott pops into my head. I know he’s a big time actor and has numerous roles, but to me it’s the Zack Morris Effect. He’ll always be Zach Morris and now to me, Damon will always be Mikey McD. As Mikey McD would say himself:

You were lookin' for that third three, but you forgot that Professor Green folded on Fourth Street and now you're representing that you have it. The DA made his two pair, but he knows they're no good. Judge Kaplan was trying to squeeze out a diamond flush but he came up short and Mr. Eisen is futilely hoping that his queens are going to stand up. So like I said, the Dean's bet is $20.

To end things, I want to see Team America: World Police really bad. RAW showed this preview about 8233 times as they do with the few commercials they show. They drill it into your head. I figure it can’t be too bad with the South Park guys making it and the movie is rated R with little cartoon figures cussing like machines. It jokes around with a lot of current event happenings but in a funny way. The previews will have you guys laughing out loud for real I do believe.


Anonymous said...

It's about time you RECOGNIZE that you KNOW i'm the hottest girl you know ;)! I read the blog up until the wrestling part, but then didn't read it anymore cause I don't retain all that jibber anyhow! Well, I love ya as always and I'll be thinkin of those favors and workin on my accent a lil more;) I need to do that.....haha.....but lataaaaa........luv ya ed

DirtyKash said...

Can you believe that Team America: World Police has an 8.2/10 rating on right now? I want to see this too.

Anonymous said...

id figure that whenever someone see Matt Damon, they see Will Hunting rather than Mikey McD. I heard that they had to cut out the "golden shower" scene of Team America to get an R rating. crazy puppets!


Anonymous said...

The_Freak is your daddy.

DirtyKash said...

Blahah - What?!?!?! They edited the movie just to get rid of some fluids? Talk about a load of crap. It's freaking PUPPETS, not actual human beings. Sheesh. Censorship these days has really crept to new, previously unthinkable levels.

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