Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Jericho With A Lionsault!

Time for some Viva La Bam. The first episode of the new season (about time) was on Sunday night. It was worth the wait as the show delivered as usual. The theme of this show was a “Snakerun Driveway” that Bam was building at his house. This is when you get some items donated from famous people to line up around the driveway. He got a watch from Jack Osbourne, a belt from Dave Grohl or Navarro (I always confuse those two guys for some reason), drums from Tommy Lee, a hat signed by the Neptunes, golf balls used by Adam Sandler, and a little black book signed by Hugh Hefner. Don Vito was at his best. They found their way to the Playboy Mansion and the gates were locked for security purpose. Someone inside the mansion talks through the speaker and then Don Vito starts screaming like crazy at it. The boys then have to call Bam to get over there to settle Vito down so he won’t go to jail and they eventually get in. They tie Vito up to a wheelchair so he won’t do anything crazy at the mansion though. You can’t go wrong with Vito screaming and yelling.

Of course I have to talk about the A#BA Draft representing #basketball. I’m happy with my team and the draft process went great. We have a 20-man league and draft on mIRC. We each keep 5 players from the year before. Who are my keepers?

Antoine Walker: My favorite player, now a member of the Hawks. I look for him to get his stats of old back as he really has no help on this hapless team. He’ll sure to be gunning it up and that should good news for the Memphis Sounds. By the way, the Memphis Sounds is my team name in this league, as we use defunct ABA team names.

Kirk Hinrich: Last year he was an impressive rookie for the Bulls. A rare whitey point guard in today’s game, he gets it done. Playing with the Baby Bulls, they have some growing up to do in terms of age, but Hinrich seems to be mature already.

Corey Maggette: One of three of my multiple position players in my keepers, which is something I like going after each season. Maggette should average more than 20 points a game this year, along with teammate Elton Brand for the Clippers. I’m sure the Clips will suck as usual, but it doesn’t matter how good a team is in real life to how the players do on your fantasy team. Maggette is ready to show his guns this year.

Marquis Daniels: A relatively unknown for the first half of last season. Then he blew up, throwing up near triple doubles and things of the like somehow. If he can play like he did at the end of last season, I’m gambling here and really like this kid in the future.

Kurt Thomas: My last keeper and grandpa of the team at 32 years old. He’s declining, but he does play center and forward in this league, so I kept him. I’m sure he’ll suck it up this year though, but I’ll take my chances and probably get rid of him in the offseason.

Who did I draft? I went crazy young as usual. It’s fun to do and hopefully it works just fine. I first took Gerald Wallace, a 22-year old forward for the Bobcats. He’s a dunking machine and rode pine for Sacramento, but now will be a focus part of the expansion squad. My next pick was 21-year old rookie of the Hawks, guard/forward Josh Childress. Someone has to do something in Atlanta other than Walker and Big Al, so I’ll roll with the man with the fro. My third pick is Rafael Araujo, another rookie, this one a 24-year old. He’s a big whitey center for the Raps who should get minutes, so I like this pick here for when Thomas sucks it up. Up next is The Drobber! Yep, Peja Drobnjak, a 29-year old center for the Hawks. I have three Hawks, fear em! How about this next name? Zaza Pachulia. I have some hope here after his trade from Orlando. Another center here. To end my draft, I go with The Nad, Nenad Krstic, a forward/center of the Nets, who is 21. Oh yeah, Zaza is only 20. I went the young dude/foreign invasion combo and hopefully it holds off.

RAW last night? Fo rizzle. I won’t run down what happened there, but I will of course let you know what JR thought of the chaos:

Triple H trying to get the hell out of here! Triple H is begging for his life! His professional life here! Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Maven! The fans are all standing! Four men have been screwed. Oh my God! The German! The Wolverine with a German Suplex! Benoit Suplexing the hell out of the World Champion! Jericho with a Lionsault! Jericho with a Lionsault! Evolution wanted to bully their way through this program. It is chaotic here tonight! The fans are chanting and stomping their feet! Triple H has been picked up. RKO! Orton just RKOed the World Champion! My God what an impact! Orton has let Jericho, Benoit, and Maven.. Randy Orton may have been screwed of the World Title, but Orton has started a locker room revolt in neutralizing the almighty Evolution!

What went down on Real World this week? It basically revolved around one storyline. Landon and Vonda are trying to get all over each other. It’s going good and then they go clubbin R-Kelly style, till 6:00 in the morn’. This is where Landon changes or so everyone else says. He gets all crunk and drunk (that rhymed, not bad) and turns into a punk. Yeah, I must be bored that have just typed that sentence. Anyways, this turns Vonda against Landon. He is wanting some bad and Vonda tells the other people in the house, “I just want to see him score. Because he ain’t getting any from me. Oh no no no no!” Yeah right, we know what’s going to happen there. In another happening, Mel calls her man back home and says that she hangs at a bar that nobody else goes to in the house just to get away. She won’t tell the house where it’s at because it’s her own little secret. She gets all trashed and also is annoying. I must be missing the boat with drunk chicks. I’ll save those for you guys if you’re into that, but cross em off my list totally. Next week, Landon’s ex chick of 7 years stops by and he breaks down and cries like a little baby because she’s changed since they broke up. Cry me a rivahhhhh! CT needs to roll up in this house and get up in Landon’s grill to scare him to death. Here’s how Susie breaks it down:

“Sara is a slut, MJ doesnt know what he wants, Landon is an ass, Karamo is a dram king, Wille is the only real one, The black chick--wants her b/f plus Landon.... The other Chick is just Fucked!”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. If you’re into the CD List thing, check out Cork’s new Blog ( where he has all of his CDs up as well. He has more of a variety, especially with some rock stuff, as mine are mostly rap. He counted up that 75% of his are burnt CDs. Mine I’m guessing is at least 90%, but I’ll count that soon. We're sick creatures. Up next this week? Saturday is Posey’s wedding and Sunday is the EDDFL Draft, nuff said.

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