Sunday, October 24, 2004

Kenny Blankenship's Painful Eliminations Of The Day!

To borrow a repeated quote from the show, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV, that is my title for the day..

A note to everybody out there. Go see Team America: World Police as soon as possible. I made the trek on Friday night with Cork, Spank, and Spank’s girl Alicia. I was literally in tears in some sections of the movie because we were laughing so hard. It’s not a movie you want to take the family with because it’s really bad, but it’s hilarious. I want to go back already and see it again. I’m telling you, I know it looks weird on previews, but this movie is worth the price of admission and then some.

A little thing about the trip to the movie theater. We stroll to Tygart Valley Cinemas in scenic Fairmont. I don’t drive a lot usually, but I told my buddies I’d drive and they were cool with it. I may have scared them enough that I won’t have to drive for a while, but that’s ok with me. How’s that you ask? First off, I’m by far the worst parker there is. Normally when I go to Wal-Mart or the like, I park in a spot where my car is pulling directly out so I won’t have to back it out. Well, I pull into the first spot I see last night and in front of me was I forget what kind of car, but it had a wheel on the back of it wrapped up like on a SUV. You know what I’m getting at. Anyways, this chick was getting out of this vehicle and I’m about to park, but I hit the wheel of the car. I didn’t even know I hit it until my buddies said to back up because I hit the chick’s thing. So I back up a tad, get out of the car and the chick didn’t say a thing. Hmm.. it didn’t do anything to the cars. Maybe she thought I was some crazy drunk who hit her car and was afraid to say anything? My buddies cracked up good at that though. Afterwards, the chick left before me, and I didn’t have to back out, yay! I made it home safely.

I shouldn’t be this way, but football around this time of year can S*CK IT as DX would say, a la the pic yesterday. Now that NBA is just about here, well it actually is here counting preseason, and the World Series happening, football officially takes a backseat. Sure, I’ll keep up with football as much as usual, but I won’t set my clock by it or make my life dependent on it like I do for NBA. Notre Dame is 5-3 now, will get a bowl, but nothing major will go down. They still have to play Tennessee and USC both on the road. As far as my Bears go, they were done before the season even started and with Dr. Jonathan Quinn Medicine Quarterback under center, it’s even worse times.

Bam tonight! Yep, that’s right. The new season, as stated here a few days ago, begins on the Sunday Stew at 10:00. I’ve been watching all kinds of Bam marathons on MTV and MTV2 over the past week. I can watch these and never get tired of it. It’s tough for me to pick a favorite episode, but now my Sunday nights won’t be as boring. No WildBoyz this year, but oh well. Those guys went down fighting.

Time yet again to organize my CDs. This is rough work for sure and only Cork really knows how tough this is on us. We put them all in alphabetical order so we know exactly where to find our stuff when needed again. I’d freak out if things weren’t organized anyways, so it’s just out of habit. But with the setup we have and as many CDs as we download on a regular basis, we’re always having to clean out or CDs and organize again. Right now I’m up to 457 CDs and Cork is in the 500 Club due to having the rock music on lock, so props to him on that. Sad that a good 95% of my CDs are burnt ones, but what can you do.

I made a pretty mean sandwich combination earlier. This one featured two slices of provolone cheese, 2 slices of hard salami, turkey breast, black pepper, Italian dressing, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, spicy mustard, and green olives on wheat bread. And this was at 1:30 in the morning. Some people say not to eat late at night, but I go against that theory. Might as well load up big. What do I have to lose anyways?

A few real quick thoughts on the World Series Game 1? Julian Tavarez is a punk and I hope he breaks his hand again. Also, Kelly Clarkson sang America The Beautiful in the 7th inning. I admit, I’m big on her. No, not the singing. I could care less about that, but her looks. I know she’s all plain and nothing too crazy, but something about her definitely does it for me. At least #basketball’s own Kris3 agrees with me. Many else might not, but oh well, I said it.

Up next for your words of wisdom will be the A#BA Draft Day happenings, RAW thoughts, countdown to next Sunday’s EDDFL Draft, Posey’s wedding, another Bears loss, and I’m sure I’ll figure out something else to bore you with. One.

Group: D.S.G.B. - Song: Off In Dis Game - Album: Til Death Do Us Part

[Pastor Troy]
I done licked niggaz for g's off in this game
I done licked niggaz for key's off in this game
But it feel like I'm doing the same thang
The things we do just to maintain
I done had work for days off in this game
Bitch we got grenades and k's off in this game
I learned that it ain't no friends off in this game
Alot of niggaz off in the pin cause of this game

Thats why I'm tired of runnin these streets off in this game
But how the fuck my family gone eat off in this game
It feel like I'm to goddamn deep off in this game
And I can't even get no sleep off in this game


Susie said...

Nice pic of the "Wildboyz", Gotta luv those 2! They are hilarious! C-ya around!

Cork said...

Draft was awesome. I missed Bam though so hopefully they show it on MTV 900 times before the next one like they usually do.

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