Saturday, August 07, 2004

Brisco Brothers Body Shop

Thanks to ManDingo for picking tonight's title in here. He gets extra credit for making it wrestling related. And what does ManDingo win for picking tonight's title? Since I'm not talented enough to put permanent Blog links of my buddies on the side of this thing like he does, I'll have to do it old school style. Hit up ManDingo's thoughts at:

The past few days have been set apart by Monopoly, getting even more CDs added to my collection, and big Celtics news. The weekend is upon us, but every day seems like the weekend to me in the summer time. I do love my schedule. I can’t complain one bit about that. Even during the school year, I’m working steady day shift, off every weekend, off holidays, snow days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. I’ll take that and be happy with it, even it I means I won’t be driving a Bentley or a Big Body Benz anytime soon. Not Farnsworth Bentley doing his thug thizzle with the umbrella, but you get where I’m coming from there.

The past few nights we’ve had some mean battles in Monopoly here on the Eastside. We bust out the Super Nintendo this time around instead of the actual board. There were just three of us playing. Well, three humans anyways. My boy Spank and his girl Alicia come to hang for some intense Monopoly games. The first night, we had six total people. Three of us and three computer dudes. I finished 3rd out of 6 that night and Spank was the winner. Last night, we rolled with seven total and I finished 2nd out of 7th, so that’s improvement. Still, Spank dominates as he usually does, but in a game of Monopoly, even if you get your brains beat in (as long as you don’t go out crazy early), it’s still fun times. My favorite properties on the board are the ghetto (dark purple) and green (just because it’s my favorite color). I don’t make much money out of the ghetto properties as crackheads roam the area, but I still manage to normally get that area of the board every time. Maybe it’s because nobody else wants it, who knows, who knew? Last night I did own the ghetto and green both, so I was a happy camper.

Big happenings went down yesterday concerning my Celtics. I know nobody out there reading this cares a bit for the Celtics (if you do and you’re a girl, I need your number as soon as possible so I can send you a wedding ring), but I’m writing about it anyways since anything Celtics is my life. We shipped out youngster Marcus Banks (who I think has a good future in this league), veteran point guard Chucky Time Atkins, Chris Mihm (overrated whitey who hustles), and a 2nd Round Pick to the Lakers. In return, we get future Hall of Fame point guard Gary Payton (some think he’s done, but I disagree), Rick Fox (returning to Boston), a future 1st Round Pick, and cash. I’m in favor of this trade for several reasons. GP brings a run and gun style that he wasn’t able to take grasp of in LA since he had Shaq and Kobe around. Here, he will have more freedom to do whatever, but he still has to play second fiddle to Paul “The Truth” Pierce. Fox was drafted by Boston in 1991, but he won’t be much more than a role playing benchie. If worse comes to worse, GP and Fox are both free agents next summer, so I don’t feel as if it’s a huge gamble. Only time will tell.

Sunday is huge for me though. It’ll be one of my favorite days of the year. Along with 13 other hardcore sports fans, tomorrow night is the US#FL Draft. What’s that you might ask? It’s one of our two mIRC #basketball fantasy football leagues. It’ll be held at 8:00 EST, so if you need me around that time, I won’t be online. Feel free to join the party in #basketball after the draft though, as we’ll all surely be around. In this league (A#FL is our other football league for #basketball), we feature the likes of DerekHood, Rahl, Cork, Kris3, Neon, Walz, Duce, TMac, TyLaw, Blahah, Bono, Goathead, Kasher, and Wilbur. Those names might not mean a lot to you, but they’re IRC legends and they deserve props in the Blog, so that’s what you get, free of charge. Outside of myself, you all know Cork, but Walz (Hustead for the locals) is a West Virginia boy as well. So where do the other legends fall in at that you may or may not know? DerekHood is The Bootyologist from Arkansas. You’ve seen his Blogs get plugged in here a bunch and he writes comments a good bit as well, so check that up. Rahl is a Florida dude and a Dolphins fan. He’s a wrestling fan, so big ups to him on that. Kris3 is another Arkansas guy, who hangs with Derek every now in person. He’s a huge Miami Hurricanes fan and is a Lions fan in NFL. Neon, TMac, TyLaw, and Kasher are the Canadian Connection. Neon and Ty are quite the duo, as they’re buddies in real life and are usually very solid in fantasy leagues. Neon is a Colts fan and I’m not sure that Ty has a NFL team as he prefers CFL. TMac is known for his rap skills of #basketball from way back and he can flow with the best of them. He’s also one of the old school crew members of #basketball. Kasher is probably the best poster in our group that we have. He’s always active and isn’t afraid to spice things up with his teams. He comments in my Blog a good bit too, so be sure to check out his works of wonder. Duce is more of a resident of #baseball, as we confuse him with Dack a lot, but he’s intense. He’s a good poster in Lobstah as well. Blahah is the Chowda Head of the group from Maine and also a Celtic fan, so he’s quality in my book. He’s online all the time, so he’s pretty active in the leagues and IRC. We move next to the Houston tag team, known as Bono and Goathead. Both of these guys are hardcore Texans football fans. Bono might be one of the most laid back guys out there, so I respect that for sure, and not to mention he’s a big Beavis guy. Goathead lived in Houston for most of his life, but now resides in the mean streets of Dallas. And we end thangs with Wilbur. He’s the Grandpa of the group and is 30 or 31 off the top of my head. He’ll be commish of this league, so we all have to answer to him. He’ll do a fine job I’m sure.

I had this Blog saved for most of the day. I like to type sections up at a time in case some HUGE EPIC action goes down in the mean streets. I just finished another Monopoly battle with Spank. We had the two of us and also four computer players. He wins again as he’s the man at this game and I finished 2nd, so I’ll take that. On other news as far as Monopoly goes, I’m about to buy the GameCube version of that, so it should be pimped out hopefully.

I haven’t seen the entire thing yet, but make sure you guys watch the VH1 movie thing about Michael Jackson. Some parts are just downright hilarious, such as how he came to vision Neverland and how he got the little kids to hang with him. I missed the early years and ending, but saw the 1980s section and it was real good. And I had to load up on some more CDs last night, so here’s what I rolled with:

Hollow Tip: Ghetto Famous

Lil Boosie & Weebie: Gangsta Musik

Profyle: Profyle – Liars! Cheaters!

Redman: Ill At Will Mixtape – Volume 1

Yukmouth & C-Bo As Thug Lordz: In Thugz We Trust

Hit me up with some good thoughts. See you guys soon.

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