Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Wedding From Hell

I guess we have a wedding to talk about, as well as some other big happenings last night from Anaheim. Lost? Don’t be, because I’ll set everything straight for you here in just a few moments. Starting yesterday, I began to wake up early. I need to get on a halfway decent sleep schedule for when I start back up to work this week or next. Yesterday I went to bed around 1:45 (laid there for like an hour since it was impossible to fall asleep that early) and set my alarm for 9:30. I woke up in pretty good shape surprisingly. Last night, I go to bed around 2:20 or so and set my alarm for 8:40. Totally opposite from Monday as I’m in a big coma. These early mornings aren’t good times at all, but I’ll adjust.

Speaking of hours that I’m awake and whatnot, an interesting thing I heard about a few days ago went down. Apparently, some kids set the world record for consecutive hours watching TV. Who would’ve guessed they have records for this stuff? Who knows, who knew? These dudes went 52 hours doing this stuff. Call me crazy, but these kids want no part of me and Cork in this contest. From what I hear, these guys were in IHOP to do this contest. They got 5 minute breaks every now and then to wizz and also 15 minute breaks at times too. That doesn’t sound fair to me, but oh well. From Bono the Great of #basketball fame, he told me the kids drank shots of syrup to stay awake and had a waitress chick throw ice cubes at them. Uh…. ok.

Nothing major went down yesterday during the day. I go workout around 11:00 and after my first set, my cousin Ozzie strolls in. It’s a good time killer to have someone lifting with you, but normally I’m there by myself, which is fine by me too. It especially helps on a day that you don’t really feel like lifting, but since you’re over there, you might as well make it a good one. I didn’t set any records, but covered all the bases and got out of there in good time. After that, I come home to mow grass. It takes me 20-30 minutes to mow, but I still hate it. Then it was time to do battle in some ping pong action. Dad got the best of me this time, as he won 4 of 6 games. In our series to 50, I’m up 33-32, so it’s tight. It’s tight as Snoop Dogg’s braids.

It’s time for this week’s wrestling fix. It’s catching on. Even some of the girls who read my words are watching on a regular basis. Susie, I think you’re back to watching every week again, so I have to respect that. Last night’s show from Anaheim only had two matches. Usually, that means a brutal review from me, as I want all the wrestling action I can get. After all, it is a wrestling show. Our matches included Jericho taking on Edge again for the IC Title and also Ric Flair facing William Regal. They took two commercials during the Jericho match! What?! One is enough to make my bash my head through my TV, but TWO? Weird stuff here, as the ref DQed Edge for throwing Y2J’s nads on the top rope. I never knew this one was illegal. The Flair/Regal match ended when both guys had a pair of brass knuckles. They wind up and it’s about to be a Rocky/Apollo scene where they knock each other out, but Regal gets there first and wins! Flair, win or lose, always puts on a show.

A few sidenotes before getting to the big parts of the show. Meggie’s brother (inside joke) Shawn Michaels will return at Unforgiven on September 12th. I’m one of many looking forward to HBK’s resurgence. Also, HHH called out Orton and told him to lay down for him since the belt belongs to him. Orton was about to do that, but ended up spitting up in HHH’s face and busts him with the belt. That puts HHH into a roid rage and he goes crazy and gets a World Title Match at Unforgiven against Orton. At the beginning of the show, The Rock comes out by surprise and has a real good segment with the Diva Search idiots. He did have Tajiri come out to say that his favorite type of pie is poontang pie, quality stuff. Anyways, the dirty chicks had 20 seconds to do whatever they could with pies Tajiri brought down. They did the usual stuff. Just end this mess please. At least Rock was on his game as he always is. Now what you’ve all been waiting for, The Wedding From Hell, or that’s what JR said 387 times during the show. I’m not usually a Kane fan, but he played his role awesome during this. He came out in a gangsta white tuxedo. That was worth it already. Matt Hardy comes out, Kane mangles him, which will let Hardy get his knee surgery and be off TV for a while. Through the mess, they eventually get married and Lita is hating it. As long as Lita doesn’t have to act or talk in this storyline (she’s the worst), this could be funny times. Kane is doing a good job in my opinion. He’s still a boring wrestler, but oh well. Then again, not many big guys are good workers.

My TV situation is about to change. I haven’t had cable TV in my part of the house in a while. I’ve had DirecTV for a long time now and don’t have a whole lot of use for network TV. After talking to the cable company, it’s only a $10 charge for them to run an extra line to my part of the house, with nothing extra per month. Now I’ll be able to check out the weird reality shows (I’ll probably get hooked), Letterman, and sports that I wouldn’t be able to see on satellite just to name a few. Why do I have satellite? The main reason is so I can watch every Celtics game. Another reason is BET. Town cable here in redneck land isn’t going to ever offer BET, so it’s satellite time for me. But I’ll now be able to have both cable and satellite, not too shabby. I could always go downstairs and watch cable, but that means I’d have to get out of this seat and you all know how hooked I am to the internet.

Time to cut you short here and go battle in some more pong. TV schedule for tonight? Rap City at 4:00, Around The Horn at 5:00, PTI at 5:30, I, Max at 6:00, World Series Of Poker at 9:00, and I’m sure I’ll find something else. Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter are a given, so I won’t include that.

Matter of fact, I don’t wanna speak about The Rucker
Not even Pee Wee Kirkland could imagine this
My niggas didn’t have to play to win the championship.

For the streetball fans, that’s a pretty powerful set of lines there. Those not up on the basketball scene, you’re probably lost when you hear Fat Joe say that. Not sure what I can do for ya though. That’s how it goes. Some people might like my wrestling talk, some might like the sports, some might like the rap, some might like my endless ramble about nothing, so pick your poison. I reach out to all masses. I’m not one dimensional. I’m mysterious like that.. or something. Some might not like anything I write, but you keep coming back for more.

A quick update on the pong series. I just got done winning 5 out of 6 games, so that brings the total to 38-33 in my favor. Hopefully I don’t blow the lead, but stranger things have happened.


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