Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cry Me A Rivahhhhhh!

What’s been going on in the busy life of Bird33? It’s never actually busy unless it’s fantasy basketball season, but time to fill you in on the past few days. There won’t be any wrestling talk in this one, so if you weren’t into that, you can now take a deep breath. Today I set my alarm for noon, which I’m surprised about. Unfortunately, I’ll need to start setting it a lot earlier in the next few days so I won’t be in a coma for work that could start next Thursday. Then again, I don’t sleep during the school year either, so it won’t do me any good.

Tuesday night I hit up a long awaited late night Wal-Mart and Denny’s trip with none other than Cork. For his beach escapades with Snoop Dogg and hanging out in a speedo, check out his pimped out life at Whether we’re hungry or not, the late night trip is always good times and we were due. I guess normal people would be asleep at 2:30 in the morning, but we were the only people at Denny’s outside of just one other table. Nothing momentous at Denny’s though outside of the regular experience, but we held shop tight in there. Afterwards, it was a trip to Wal-Mart. Tata, I’m not sure I can beat your Wal-Mart streak, but I’m a close second in that race. You’ve really taken control in the past week or so. But it doesn’t get old late at night riding buggies in the parking lot and in the store. Yes, I’m a 25-year old who still rides buggies at the grocery store. I’ll probably never grow up. They had a big sale on Powerade there for only 75 cents you could get a 32oz jug. I had to load up big on that, as well as a 12-pack of Gatorade, some frozen Chinese deals, and two more cheap DVDs. What’d I get this time? Of course I go to the $5.50 DVD bin and I get more wrestling action. This time it’s another double pack which features Steve Austin: The Early Years and Cactus Jack: The Early Years. How can you go wrong with that for $5.50. You can’t even beat that with a stick. I ripped Wal-Mart off big time with these deals.

Also in the news is a developing situation. We’ve all been waiting for it. Yes, it’s almost Real World season yet again. On September 7th, we’ll have a new season! This one hails from the mean streets of Philly. That should be interesting already. I’ll be hooked as usual. Why can’t they release every Real World season on DVD? Everything else comes out on DVD, why not that. Last season in San Diego was decent, but it still can’t compare to Paris as far as the recent episodes go. Maybe that’s because of our boy CT going wild in his Boston way. Maybe CT can team up with Brad from Real World San Diego and raid the Philly cast. They’d be ready to throw some bows. “Cry me a rivahhhh Tina!”

Speaking of DVDs, the football fans are depressed. The NFL won’t let ESPN run another season of Playmakers. What a shame. If you watched this show, you were hooked on it. NFL said it portrays a bad image to the league, thus the show was cancelled after Season 1. I realize it was over the top, but a lot of that stuff I imagine is true in the league to an extent. You got it all in this show. Players shooting up roids, becoming crackheads, cheating on their chicks, having kids with a girl they met for one day, wife beating, position feuds, a gay football player (why does every show have to have The Token Gay Guy?), and much more action. The best part of the show was its star, DH Demetrius Harris, a.k.a. Omar Gooding. Yep that’s him, the Wild & Crazy Kids host from Nickelodeon back in the day. Instead of hosting games for the kiddies, he was the runningback/crackhead. Good times to be had for all. This is out for DVD as well, but I’m depressed it’s not back for another year of madness.

My favorite dinner was made last night. That’s right, it was Manicotti Night. I could eat that everyday of the week probably and not complain. One reason why I’ll live at home till I’m 40 is because of Mom’s Italian cooking, the best there is. Or as Bret Hart would say, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Mom lays it down in a major way with the Italian stuff and anything else she can think of. Dad holds his own too as he’s the breakfast and grill guy. I could probably be a decent cook if I tried, but I don’t try a whole lot. I’m not patient enough to try to cook a full course meal, thus I’m always eating Easy Mac, frozen Chinese food, and whatever I can get my hands on that is quick late at night.

What’s new on the game front? I just had to lay the smack down to Michigan at the BIG House in my NCAA 2005 season. It doesn’t get any better than beating Michigan for me, whether that is in real life or on GameCube. Michigan might possibly be my most hated sports team, but that’s a tough call. I’ll have to think about that and get back to you guys. Right now I’m ranked #12 in the nation and things are looking good in South Bend. I still am the world’s worst passer, but my run game is all roided out. Defense is getting amazing as well. I need to jump it up to All American level, but my pass game is so brutal I’d get destroyed there.

More game talk, but this deals with online Poker. Recently I’ve talked about the Hold Em tourney problems on Pacific Poker. I figured I’d give PokerStars (Moneymaker plays here) a try since it’s been a while. The past few nights I’ve been playing on PokerStars. Pretty much the same setup as Pacific Poker. Any other Poker sites out there that anyone recommends? Bo from #basketball fame was telling me how it’s pointless to play without real money. I disagree. Especially when we get the #basketball crew in a tourney, we all want to beat each other so bad, so it’s competitive. Plus, it doesn’t cost me any money. I’m tight with my money with certain things, so I’m not going to get into the gambling side of things. You can’t beat the system anyways.

A big topic of conversation lately with the #basketball legends has been of Ichiro. This dude is just unbelievable. He’s 5’10”/150 on a good day and he’s the best hitter in baseball. He’s on pace to go for the regular season hits record which is 257 held by George Sisler in 1920. Also, he has the most hits of ANYONE in their first four years in the league. I realize he doesn’t hit homers, but he brings it every game and gets my respect. He’s doing this with no help in his lineup either. He’s also a great fielder and rarely strikes out. Not too bad for a guy who isn’t on roids like half the league. Last night he got beamed in the head and got a concussion out of it, so hopefully that won’t bother his hit record chase. I say he has a good of a shot as anyone of getting MVP. He can’t help it he plays for a scrub team. Another stat, he’s the only player in the Top 11 of hits in a season in the past 74 YEARS! Fear..

The hallowed grounds of Lobstah has a freestyle rap thread. This will be the first time I’ve used some #basketball rap instead of a major label artist. This is a basketball lathered version that The Bootyologist ( came up with in November of last year. We might be onto something here. TMac is also a legend in the rap game representing #basketball. Check out the likes of ManDingo (, Uncle Wilbur, Cork, and myself in that thread at

Rapper: DerekHood -- Album: Lobstah Freestyle

I can't believe you done it, gone and started this thread
It's gonna bring up things that's better left unsaid
There's all these crazy thoughts just dancin in my head
When it comes to freestylin I got a Jones like I was Fred

All these pussass muhfuckas talkin' bout the Raps and the C's
I shoot better with my glock 9 than those dudes do on 3's
You think these squads is NBA? Come on, nigga please
Danny Ainge needs to pray and stop suckin cock, that's why he's on his knees.

Could still have Walker, Billups, Kedrick and Joe
How sad is it Chris Mihm's the man down low?
And I don't mean sexual, even though he does blow
Ainge is the pimp, the Celts fans the hoe
Get fucked and give daddy all your heard-earned dough

Just another game, just another loss
You got ball in your teeth mane, it's kinda hard to floss
Ainge ain't no basketball Jesus, but still hang him on the cross
before that dumb fucker goes and signs Keith Closs



Anonymous said...

Great blog Ed! As always you are entertaining......even though i skipped some of it as you know i'm not into the sports thing. Luv ya anyways! Mwah...Sticks

Anonymous said...

Damn, that rap was off the chain. That guy might be the best lyricist i've ever seen. If I'm fresh to death, then he's deceased.

- Kanye

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