Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pow! Pau!

I don’t think much of anything has went down the past few days. As usual, I’ll figure out something stupid to write for everybody’s enjoyment. That’s what I’m here for, right? I watched the US team battle Spain early this morning at 7:30. Everyone has been saying that Pau Gasol has been the best player in the entire Olympics. That may be true. He did great against us today. We finally won though, but again, it wasn’t pretty. Stephon Marbury set an all time US record in points with 31. He was just gunning stuff up and everything was falling. I also just got done watching Italy put the hammer on Carlos Arroyo to eliminate Puerto Rico. The Italians don’t even look like they’re ballers, but they flow pretty good out there.

I got regular cable put in upstairs today, so that’s quality stuff. And I get to keep my satellite setup, so I have both up here now. Not that I don’t watch enough TV the way it is. I’m sure it’ll be even worse now. What else do I have to do here anyways? I might as well be online 24/7 and watch TV. Some schedule we have here in the mean streets. That schedule now means going to bed before 2:00 on the weekdays and waking up at 6:00. I’ll manage.

What’s new in the world of CDs this week? Cork was here the other night and brought all of his CDs with him. He wanted to get his collection organized. You have no idea how long that takes us when we do this. It’s some tough work, but it’s worth it since we can find the CD we want. Yes, we’re idiots, we do it alphabetically. He left his CDs here and told me to get whatever I wanted. I ended up burning about 20 or so of the CDs of his that I didn’t already have. Most of that was some good old school rap since anything new we get, we just make a copy for the other dude. I had to start today out good as well. I got a 2000 release from the 504 Boyz (Master P’s buddies) called Goodfellas and Jim Jones’ newest (Cam’ron’s boy), On My Way To Church. Both of these have a lot of tracks on them, so I’m interested to see how it goes. They each feature a mad amount of people too. On the 504 joint, you have P himself, Silkk The Shocker (has a new one coming out soon), C-Murder, Mystikal, Mean Green, and whoever Mac, Krazy, Baby Girl, and Samm are. Jim brings along Cam of course, Juelz Santana, T.I. Bun B, Bizzie Bone, and several other thugs.

We’ve recently been battling in old school Nintendo Jeopardy. You can’t go wrong with some Jeopardy action. Or at least I don’t think so. And with trash talking involved, that makes it better. The computer usually beats us down for some reason, but we hold our own against each other. This was a 1987 version, so it’s funny to see the variety of questions. They have this one dude who does the Tiger Woods Fist Pump in your face when he buzzes in, showing you how bad he is. Cause we all know that Jeopardy contestants are gangsta like that.

High school football starts here tomorrow, so that’s big happenings. My Cougs should be pretty good this year for once. The past several years have been brutal, but we have one of the best runningbacks in the state this year, so that can’t hurt things. Then again, if he gets hurt, our team is sad. Hopefully we live up to expectations and get into the playoffs for the first time since 1994 if I’m right on that. We’re just a bunch of whiteys, but that’s what mostly everyone around here is, so you won’t get many big time prospects ever coming from my area. I wish I was in a big time high school football hotbed such as Ohio or Texas. It’s life in those places. Anyways, my boys lock heads with Braxton County tomorrow night. Like you guys care, but in this Blog, you get that added information. Braxton is about an hour south of us, so I’m not sure if I’ll make that trip or not. I do hope to hit up a decent bit of games this year, so we’ll see. It’s not high school basketball, but football will have to work for now to whet my appetite. Whet! Fear the use of words around this place. I pull no stops. Pimp pimp hooray. That’s what quality West Virginia education will get ya, heh.

On the video front, I think I’ve literally seen Fat Joe’s Lean Back 3000 times. I like Fat Joe as much as the next dude, but come on. A new one I’m big on is Shyne featuring Ashanti with the song Jimmy Choo. Shyne is still locked up, but yet still manages to put out videos and a new CD. Can’t beat that setup at all. Ashanti makes this video though, as she always does. She’s in my top 3 famous chicks list easy. Mariah is #1 with no competition, but a battle for 2nd goes to either Ashanti or Christina Milian. On a sidenote, Shyne’s new CD, Godfather Buried Alive, is good stuff. Shyne used to be with Bad Boy, but now he’s with Def Jam. He reminds me of a deeper voiced Biggie Smalls. I know what you’re thinking. Biggie has a deep voice the way it is, but Shyne’s is deeper if you’re into that type of that. I’m sure you’ve seen his new one by now anyways.

I think I’ll cut this short and get on to some major events of the day. Well, I guess there are no major events. Imagine that one here in Shinnston. I’ll figure out something though, so don’t you worry one bit. And since we just talked about Shyne, I’ll let him take us out with this one:

Rapper: Shyne -- Song: The Gang -- Album: Godfather Buried Alive

Ride with me as I race through ya hood
Give me a fifth that'll bang and a jury that'll hang
Pants saggin' in that Bentley wagon
Ayo that's my nigga Yacht if the mink is saggin'
Since a youth I flipped, on some ruthless shit
Had a thing for rings, bling, Coupes and shit
Some' bout watchin' Montana come up outta Havana
And rule this world made me wanna grab my hammer
Fuckin' with the Cheddar Boys
Some hustler flip girls instead of boys
Keep filthy laweys, for when the FEDs annoy us
We keep this shit gangsta nigga from verse to chorus
And the Street Lords and Truly Yours
Drive Modena Spiders and big exhaust
Bleed for the streets love the war
My nose bleeds for weeks I love the raw
Puncture niggaz when I comfort niggaz
Motor City to Brooklyn Veitnam
Nigga it's on till my flesh is gone
And even then I live on in gangsta form

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