Friday, August 13, 2004

Now Lean Back..

Happy 22nd Birthday to #basketball's own, a legend, TyLaw! And it's Friday The 13th. Oooh scary.

It’s time for a bout of randomness today. No one topic dominates this Blog as I’ll probably try a hit and miss approach. Basically what I’m trying to say is that nothing EPIC has happened as of late. That doesn’t mean there aren’t fun times to be had here in E-Town though, so don’t let me fool you one bit. Too much excitement for you all to handle.

Last night my Chicago Bears opened up preseason. They took on the Rams led by the Mike Martz Face. Preseason doesn’t mean a thing usually, but I’ll take wins wherever I can get them, especially against a team that is good. A lot of “experts” rate us as the worst team in the league and we may be, but it’s too early for me to feel that way yet. We have Lovie Smith in town running shop and he’ll definitely bring defensive intensity. I think he’ll also add part of the Rams’ offensive attack and youngster Rex Grossman should do decent at QB for us. We have a few nice players, but have a LOT of work to get done. The game last night was 13-10. My boy Thomas Jones played great though, getting 53 yards off only 7 carries. Grossman went 4-5. Nothing else worth mentioning. I’ll keep you posted on the Bears season as it progresses (like you care anyways).

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I know I shouldn’t be this way, but I don’t have much interest at all for the Olympics. I saw some stats on ESPN last night. In the 1970s, one year they had 48% of the country tuned into Olympic coverage on TV. In 2000, we had a whopping 24%. Maybe it was because in the 1970s we still had the Cold War going on and wanted to destroy Russia. I personally don’t like a lot of the events, but I’ll still see what’s going on. I’m glad I have satellite, because I’ll be able to catch some ping pong action that they wouldn’t show on national TV. NBC, MSNBC, and Bravo are running events and maybe a few other channels. I also hope I’m wrong in saying that I don’t think our basketball team will win Gold, but we’ll see.

The Bootyologist Derek Hood brought up a good discussion piece yesterday in The Practice of Prattle ( This deals with baseballer Ken Griffey, Jr. Yes, he’s mangulated once again. Surprising huh? Over recent years, Griff has went down with some weird injuries and is the Grant Hill of the MLB. This one may be legit though as he tore his hamstring. That doesn’t sound like fun times at all. I’ve pulled my hamstring before and that bothered me enough, but I couldn’t imagine actually tearing that muscle. Forget that mess. Anyways, the debate that The Bootyologist, ManDingo (, and myself have going in Derek’s comment area (cheap plug!) is to whether Griff is a first ballot Hall of Famer. It’s a no brainer to me. Sure, I bash him for his injuries as much as the next day, but I give credit where credit is due. This guy is already over 500 homers, is a 12-time All Star, and a 10-time Gold Glove holder. That’s hardcore there and for a few years at least he was the best player in our era. He can do it (or did) on both sides of the field, both with the bat and with the glove. Will he ever become an elite player again? No, but I think he’s still serviceable. He’ll come in and bash some homers if nothing else to get his number up there with the greats, while getting hurt a few more times.

Football isn’t even here (or at least not the regular season), yet I’m so focused on basketball as usual. We’re getting our local fantasy money league together a few months ahead of time so we can be organized. It’s going strong and this is my 15th year or running a fantasy NBA league. This year we will have the most members we’ve had to date, with a possible 13. Rolling with us this year as of now in no particular order is (most locals will know these guys and some of my online crew may as well): ManDingo, Posey, Cork (, TJ, Sidelli, Balky, Flee, Riley, Mudcat, Dean, Fortdogg, Spank, and myself. I guess I did do that in order. That’s the order of finish last year with the only exception was that I was 1st Place and that Spank wasn’t with us last year since he was busting heads in Iraq. I try to make this league the most organized and we have as much fun as possible with it. Our league is called the E-Town Diaper Dandies Fantasy League or the EDDFL. Props to Dean for creating that name. We’ll draft in late October (shooting for Halloween afternoon) and as the saying in #basketball goes, we’re OTR, on the rise. You guys will be sick of reading about this league once we get closer to the season, but that’s my absolute favorite thing to do is to run this fantasy league and wait for Celtics games to begin. Here’s a look at the draft board system we hope to use this year:

FJ Fantasy Draft Board:

If you’re into the streetball scene and haven’t seen the posts in Lobstah yet, check out my reviews from last night of the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic at world famous Rucker Park and also the movie/documentary of Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius Mitchell. I could watch this stuff all day long. Basketball in August? It can’t get here soon enough for me. Baseball and football will hold the fort down until then, but realistically, I’m in basketball mode all season. No point of me just typing the exact same stuff that I put in Lobstah, so it’s probably just easier to check it out there.

Entertainer’s Basketball Classic:

Hook Mitchell:

Sorry for the non-sports fans out there, but I covered basketball, baseball, football, and the Olympics. Plans for the weekend post? I’ll definitely hype up SummerSlam for the wrestling fans tuning in to the Madhouse. Friday night and nothing at all planned here though. Imagine that in the Dub-V. I shall return.. One.

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