Monday, August 09, 2004

The Feel Good Edition

Let’s get things rolling to start the week off right. Of course it’s Monday, so that means the greatest show out there will be on at 9:00 my time. You all know that would be WWE RAW, so I’m pumped up about that one as I am every week. This Sunday night is SummerSlam, so tonight’s show should be hopping. A lot of other things to talk about, so I’ll try to give everyone a dose of the madness. That is if you think you can handle that.

Last night was the US#FL Fantasy Football Draft. We all got together on Yahoo and everything went smooth. For a 14-man league with 16 players per team, we got this one done crazy fast actually. We started at 8:00 and were done around 9:30. I personally like really long drafts, but I’m rare in this case. Maybe it’s because I have absolutely nothing else to do all year long but gear up for fantasy sports, but that’s what I like best, so why not. I know you’re all clinging to your seats in anticipation to who I drafted this year, so I won’t keep you guessing much longer. I had the 7th pick in the draft (I’d much rather have that than the #1) and I’ll list my picks by round. Blare the trumpets and roll out the red carpet, for you have the 2004 Chicago Blitz squad:

1st Round: Peyton Manning: QB (Indianapolis)
2nd Round: Tony Gonzalez: TE (Kansas City)
3rd Round: Thomas Jones: RB (Chicago)
4th Round: Lav Coles: WR (Washington)
5th Round: Charlie Rogers: WR (Detroit)
6th Round: Onterrio Smith: RB (Minnesota)
7th Round: Byron Leftwich: QB (Jacksonville)
8th Round: Antonio Gates: TE (San Diego)
9th Round: Rashaun Woods: WR (San Francisco)
10th Round: Emmitt Smith: RB (Arizona)
11th Round: Rex Grossman: QB (Chicago)
12th Round: Jason Hanson: K (Detroit)
13th Round: Ty Calico: WR (Tennessee)
14th Round: Jacksonville: D
15th Round: Tim Rattay: QB (San Francisco)
16th Round: Mike Jenkins: WR (Atlanta)

I’m pretty happy with that team, so we’ll see how the chips fall. Everyone and their brother takes a running back in the 1st Round, but I don’t like that idea. I wanted Manning from the start of the draft and was lucky enough to nab him. I’m hurting at running back, but I think Thomas Jones will get enough carries for the new look Bears offense that it won’t be too much of a burden. I have to hope Onterrio wins the Vikes job eventually because he’s a talent. I like Emmitt as my third back because their main starter Marcel Shipp just got mangled for the entire year. I’m stocked up at quarterback, when we only have to start one, but they may come in handy during a trade. I have arguably the best tight end in the game, so that can’t hurt things, as well as an up and comer that not many know much about named Antonio Gates. I really like my receiving corps, as they’re a bunch of young thugs. I have big hopes on Woods, as the Niners don’t have much to deal with out there, so he has a great shot of being their #1 receiver. I was able to get a few Bears. I know I’m a homer, but I had to have a few or it wouldn’t feel right at all. You’ll be sure to get some US#FL updates as the year progresses. In Week 1, which won’t start till the 2nd week of September, I lock horns with one of the best fantasy league owners around in TyLaw.

Yesterday I hit up Wal-Mart. Imagine a West Virginian going to Wal-Mart. The insanity! Well, we do that enough if you haven’t already gathered from my Blogs in the past. I had to get another CD case (we’re getting out of hand burning every rap and R&B CD known to man as soon as they come out), some food, Axe body spray, and a trip to the $5.50 DVD bin. There was also a trip to Arby’s, which goes down as the best fast food place there is. I got the #6 combo, which is their chicken strips (very underrated chicken here), fries, and a drink. Now back to the DVD bin. After digging deep into the bin, I find a wrestling DVD. Not just one, but a double pack for the price of one. The first is Superstars Of Yesteryear with a lot of classic matches from the 1980s era (when wrestling was wrestling) and Booker T: The Early Years. How can you go wrong with that for only $5.50? Stop trying to think of a way you can go wrong with that, because it’s not possible. You better get up to the bin before all of the Van Damme and Seagal movies go out of stock.

What’s new in the world of video games? After playing Super Nintendo Monopoly recently, we figured we’d jump all over a GameCube version. I get on eBay and win that game as well as a Memory Card 59 for a total of $21.42 counting shipping. I ripped that dude off big time and that’s always quality to do that on eBay. Today Madden 2005 comes out on all systems and most sports fans will be waiting in line for this one. I’m passing this year. What?! Am I crazy? What are thinking about Bird? Well, here’s my theory. I recently bought NCAA 2005 as everyone knows. I’d love to have Madden as well, but I know I wouldn’t be able to give each my full train of thought. I’m going to stick with NCAA this year and just work on my Dynasty. At the moment, I’m in Year #3 with I believe a 4-4 record and sitting in the Top 30. I have 3 games left, so I need to get some wins to get a decent bowl.

Back to some Wal-Mart action. I bought a new type of Axe yesterday and it’s called Kilo. I think I switch my body sprays up more than anyone, but it gives me a selection. I’m not a huge cologne guy, but if I wear that I’ll go with the old school Mafia smell known as Aqua Velva, the stuff Pat Riley is famous for. I prefer the body spray route usually though. Why am I talking about that? To fill some space for your boring days so you’ll have something to read. Cork told me to pick up this stuff called Certain Dri. It’s supposed to not make you sweat much at all and blocks up your pores. You crank it on before bed every night and it’ll stick with ya. Bad times this morning though as I wake up and I’m broken out. This stuff is hardcore, but I’m not big on the rash idea. Cork says it works like a charm, so I’ll take his word for it since we sweat enough just sitting around the house not doing a thing. It goes for about $6 at Rite Aid and comes in a little box and everything.

Time for some more plugs. Some you’ve seen and some you haven’t, but have fun surfing away to these sites:


Lords Of Pain Wrestling:

Cyrkam Airtos:

The Helmet Project:

Last night started ESPN Old School. All week long for the 11:00 EST SportsCenter, they’re bringing back some of the old legends of the show. Last night Craig Kilborn came back to work with Dan Patrick. Most people looked forward to seeing Kilborn back and he did a pretty good job. I just wish Keith Olbermann could’ve came back to be with Patrick, but I’m sure ESPN would never let that one go down. Tonight is the episode I’m waiting on though. None other than Charley Steiner will be in studio as he’s probably my favorite SportsCenter guy of all time. Currently he does play-by-play for the Yankees games on the radio with tag team partner John Sterling. Luckily I get every Yanks game on the radio in my area. Weird how that happens in West Virginia, but we have a bunch of Italian/Yankees fans in the area, so there’s your reason.

Rapper: Jadakiss -- Song: We Gonna Make It -- Album: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye

Rappers get better promotion
Why we don't laugh at death, and cry at birth
Never say you can't do it til you try it first
Be the young niggas eager to pull it
But it's a message in everything trust me, even a bullet
Go to war with the eight and the pound
Think you got your ear to the street now, put your face in the ground
Cuz my shells is expensive
You'll know exactly why when you yellin in intensive
My fellas is offensive
Lucky cuz I got guns that crack your back
But that's not what I prefer I manufacture crack
And, niggas turn bitch when you show 'em the steel
But we know how to bid so y'all go 'head and squeal


Anonymous said...

I bet that Axe body spray smells wonderful on you!!..mmmmmm.... Keep smiling Bird!

*Susie ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree.. I bet you smell delicious. I missed yakin' to ya for a couple of days, but with Wal-mart just around the corner.. I know you'll be fine.. lol..


Anonymous said...

Bird33, such a stud. Who are all these ladies commenting on your blog?

Tylaw(who's to lazy to get his own blog or register to comment on other peoples)

Anonymous said...

i occassionally use the axe essence BO. other times ill go with the cologne, joop. that shit gets the ladies goin at work.