Wednesday, August 11, 2004

If It Looks Like a Rat...

Today’s Blog is one of those where absolutely nothing noteworthy went down since the last post. I do have something up my sleeve though of course. I can’t let the loyal readers down. I’ll make it look like I have so much on my schedule and make it an interesting read for all. You’d think Shinnston is a big tourist attraction, but when it comes down to it, I have the exact same schedule everyday basically. I just type like a madman in here and can’t stop. Maybe that’s because I have nothing else to do. The basic schedule? Wake up late in the afternoon, go get buff, play a little ping pong, play some video games, live on the internet, watch games, watch SportsCenter, and do it all over again. Soon I’ll have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning again, but oh well.

For most straight guys, today is when the majority of people are able to get their hands on the video game, Madden 2005. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon this year and I’ve probably talked about that here before, but you’ll get it again. Recently, I bought NCAA 2005 and it’s an awesome game. As much as I’d like to buy Madden this year, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate equally on both NCAA and Madden, so I didn’t think it was worth the buy. Everyone has their preferences between NCAA and Madden and frankly, I’m not sure which one to pick. Relationships will be broken over this game as guys will choose Madden over their chick, gambling wars will ensue between a crew of guys and bragging rights, and sleep will be lost. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. As far as my NCAA Dynasty is going, last night I finished up Year 3 of the Notre Dame Dynasty. I start Year 4 ranked #10 in the country with another tough schedule. Those guys who whine about Notre Dame never being in a conference, look at our schedule. We’re not putting much trash on the board and are regularly among the nation’s toughest schedules. The other argument we have is that we have a TV deal with NBC and are the only team in the nation to get all (usually) of our games broadcasted nationally. It’s all about the money. I’m so hooked on NCAA right now that I’m passing on Madden this time around. I had Madden last year and many copies of the older versions, but I changed thangs up a bit. Next game I buy? I’ll probably wait for Tiger Woods 2005 this fall. That’s one game I HAVE to get every year. It’s that good.

In the sporting news, unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about the Terrell Owens/Jeff Garcia dispute. They were teammates in San Francisco together and TO is arguably the most outspoken player in the league. He’ll tell it like it is, even if he makes an idiot out of himself. I like him, even though he’s a punk who Ray Lewis could break in half. Then again, TO doesn’t care as he told Big Ray that he’s not scared to come across the middle on him because he’s not as tough as everyone thinks. Ouch. Not only did TO always bash Garcia for not throwing him the ball enough or not having the zip to get the ball to him in the right spot, now he breaks out all stops. What’s that one? Over the years, there have been rumors that Garcia is gay. TO did an interview with Playboy and gave this classic line about how he thinks Garcia is gay, “Like my boy tells me: If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.” That’s a line that we won’t forget in a long time. I’ll crack up every time I see that. Garcia is taking the high road and saying that it’s a waste of his time to even answer allegations of him being gay. Currently though, Garcia is dating Playboy Playmate of the Year, Carmella Decesare. Wrestling fans know Carmella from being on RAW’s Diva Search. How Garcia hooked up with that, your guess is as good as mine. It has to be the money, because he’s goofy. If you’re interested in what Carmella looks like and some good revealing pics, check out Blahah’s section in Lobstah or go straight to the topic:

Carmella Decesare:

Another big topic in Lobstah lately has dealt with this article from a Boston guy where he ranks the Top 368 sports cities. You want the link to see this EPIC list? Well, look no further, because it’s my job to give that to you:

Top 368 Sports Cities:

West Virginia represents with a whopping four “cities” in this mess. Wow, go figure. And one of those “cities” barely has 11,000 people. That’s just downright pathetic. The #1 sports city is Boston though according to this poll. I’m sure it’s not for the Celtics, but I can always think in that direction anyways. Some real bum cities on this list, so take a look at that and see where your area fits in. Or as Snoop Dogg would say, “Get in where you fit in.” You’ll see my comments in that link as well, so be sure to hit that up. Also, some great replies from my boys and how their states stacked up in the poll. I absolutely love geographic stats. I could look at that stuff all day. Maybe I’m weird, who knows. I’d be in heaven if I could teach Geography all day, but that doesn’t go down in my area. It’s pretty sad how much people have no clue about basic geography, even about their own areas. It wasn’t like that back in the day.

Big props to the #basketball crew last night. We recruited for some big time chat and it doesn’t get much better than that. Outside of watching the Celtics on TV, being part of the madhouse is probably my second favorite thing to do. We had a lot of the old school crew around as well, that’s quality times. Who all was there? DerekHood, ManDingo, TyLaw, Rahl, Bono, Goathead, Jon21, Prime Objective, Kris3, Blahah, Chiphead, and I’m sure I’m missing a few others.

I’ll go in another direction as I’m not really in a pattern today. Sports fans, don’t sleep on I, Max on Fox Sports Network. This is a show I have to watch every single day and I’m hooked. It comes on at 6:00 PM EST and replays later in the night as well as earlier the next morning around 11:00 or so. I’ve always been a big Max Kellerman fan since his days as a kid when he was a boxing analyst for ESPN. Then he moved up to Around The Horn (another show I love, which comes on at 5:00 EST on ESPN) before jumping to Fox. He brought along Michael Holley (former Boston Globe writer) and Bill Wolfe, known as “The Disembodied Voice” of Around The Horn. These guys aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and it’s hilarious to hear Max go back and forth with Holley and Wolfe. If you don’t like arrogant New Yorkers, you may not like Max, but give it a chance. “Jetahhhhh!” PTI is the in thing with most people, but I personally prefer both I, Max and Around The Horn over PTI.

I have no clue what’s on tap for me the rest of the night. I’d imagine it’s a whole lot of living on the internet and playing NCAA 2005, but other than that, hard to tell. Like anything big goes down here. I don’t want to live anywhere else though. Well, unless I was given a luxury suite inside the Fleet Center during Celtics season, then I may change my mind. Holla back.

And the end up with the hook from some Pastor Troy:

Rapper: Pastor Troy – Song: Representin’ – Album: By Any Means Necessary

A word to the wise before you confuse the people
I been doin' this before your ass was legal
When you was at MBK, my brother's keeper
I was on MLK with Streetsweepers
I know you say ain't no way he can be single
This nigga's not a man, this nigga's a machine
The owner of the Bounce, I knew I'd make a profit
A couple hundred grand I had that shit in my pocket
I know that I'm the man
I know that I am winnin'
And R-E-P-R-E-S-entin'

I'm representin'
I'm representin bra', them boys ain't seein' me
Know I got some cheese spendin' Gs so they into me
I'm representin'
I'm representin' this nothin but this thug shit
Rap my well, for ATL
I'm representin', I'm representin' my shit ho (ho)
I'm representin', I'm representin' my shit ho (ho)
I'm representin', I'm representin' my shit ho (ho)
I'm representin', I bet you already know

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