Sunday, August 29, 2004

"I Was Born To Be A Souljah!"

Where’d we leave off since last time? Most of the time since I last updated I’ve just been being a bum (imagine that) and watching old school NBA games on NBATV, the greatest channel known to mankind. I won’t expound on too many of those games since I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it anyways. Those who want to hear about it, already read about some of the games I reviewed in A#BL, the American Baseball League, #basketball’s fantasy baseball league. Outside of that, I managed to get in some family reunion time, working out, ping pong, and who knows what else kind of wild and crazy things happened. Not Omar Gooding/Demetrius Harris wild and crazy, but I’ll do my best to live up to his expectations.

Props to TheFreak for finding this classic pic of Gary Coleman:

Two games really stand out from what I’ve taped so far on NBATV. They are the Sleepy Floyd Game and also the Bernard King Game. Each of these featured some big time scoring and unstoppable play. The first, the Sleepy Floyd Game happened in 1987 at the West Semis, Game 4. My words won’t even be able to begin to describe this game, but I’ll try my best. Sleepy enters the 4th Quarter with 22 points. That’s already a big game, but he hasn’t even touched the surface. He used his great quickness on anyone who guarded him, and even Michael Cooper couldn’t handle him on this day. Coop could lock anyone down, even the Basketball Jesus at times. He goes off for 29 points this quarter and ends up with a nice 51 points, 9 assists (shows he was passing some too), and 4 steals to bring a nice comeback to beat down the Lakers. What happened in the Bernard game? Here’s a guy who could’ve been one of the best ever if it weren’t for some serious injuries, that’s a shame. Anyways, the setting was great. Christmas 1984. Knicks (King’s team) battling the Nets at the world famous Madison Square Garden. After a whopping 21 points in the 1st Quarter and 19 in the 2nd, he had an insane 40 points at HALFTIME! Yes, I said halftime. After 3 quarters, he ends up with 51 and seals his stats with 60 in this one. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much help, so the Nets win this one on the road. Possibly the best half of basketball I’ve seen one player play and a great game to see if you ever get the chance. Even Larry Bird himself once said that King was the greatest scorer that he’s ever seen. The guy was that good.

I really don’t have any big reunion stories to mention from Saturday. This was my Mom’s side of the family, so it was bound to be some great eating. If you left there hungry, something is wrong. No big action went down, just a lot of hanging out and eating. We rented a pavilion at a local park and just chilled for the most part. A pretty big turnout with people coming in from out of state to be part of the madness. After I left, they batted in Morra. I wish I could’ve stayed at least to watch that. Everyone is gearing up for the Italian Heritage Festival in my area next weekend. I’ll talk about that more when the time comes.

I worked out earlier with Dad, but nothing epic happened with that. A good workout, but nothing you all will care about to read, so I’ll just move on. When I got home, I did battle with Spank in some ping pong. It was roasting in my garage today, so we just played whoever won 5 games first was the day’s winner. I’ve been on my game lately, so I took him down 5-2, with one of the games ending in a 7-0 skunk. Those are always fun. Then it was mowing grass time, ugh. At least that is over though, so I won’t have to worry about that for another week or so. It’s almost getting into fall and winter season, so that means no mowing grass! That’s one reason why I like the cold weather. I’m ready for snow already, forget this hot junk, you guys can have it.

I don’t know who this dude is, but he’s Asian and playing pong, so I figure he can bust some heads up:

Last night Big Cork came over to hang. We busted out some old school Jeopardy again and had a few good games. The computer always beats us down, but we held our own. I think we played 2 full games, one I came in second and one Cork came in second. In the third game, it was a board that I’ve seen entirely before, so I didn’t want to not tell Cork that I’ve seen those questions, so we just quit and watched some TV for a while. We got a good setup here though. On the TV to the right, it’s the video game TV. On the TV to its left is where the TV action is at. I’d be screwed without that setup. Less than a month until Tiger Woods 2005 comes out though, so I’m getting crunked up for that excitement.

Of course, the rest of the day and into tomorrow, it’s still old school NBA weekend on NBATV. So I’ll be hitting that up. Also, tonight is the MTV Video Awards. My theory behind that is since Dave Chappelle is hosting, it has to be great. I was telling Cork that I’d even watch the Country Awards if Chappelle was hosting and you know how I feel about country music.

Nothing out of the ordinary has been going on here though, but I’m holding it down tight. Tomorrow is RAW night, so that’s always the highlight of the week. I don’t have anything else to mention now, so I’m out. I’ll end things with a Snoop verse with the 504 Boyz when he was with No Limit Records:

Rappers: 504 Boyz featuring Snoop Dogg – Song: Souljas – Album: Goodfellas

Anyone contesting Tha Dogg Pound, guaranteed instant death

[Snoop Dogg]
It's them Dogg House niggas wit' them 504 Boyz
We the real McCoys with the plastic toys
Pop, pop
Grab the glock, cock the motherfucker
No Limit niggas, we can't be stopped
Did you hear me?
Ya heard me
Record breakin'
Hit makin'
Can't bake 'em
Real estatin'
Never hatin'
Shakin' up the game, bringin' the major pain
Yea nigga, we all in the same game
We enlighten, ignitin, never fightin'
And we got them motherfuckers bitin'
You fuck wit' P, you fuckin' wit' me
You fuck wit Silkk, you fuckin' wit' me
You fuck wit' D, you fuckin' wit' me
Nigga what, that's my whole family

Here's Snoop at his anorexic finest, but he's still pimp like that:


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