Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Richard Jefferson Is A Bum

A day after SummerSlam ends in Toronto, we roll to London, Ontario, Canada for RAW. Due to Randy Orton becoming the youngest WWE World Champion evarrr, he opened up RAW with a 10-15 minute interview that was done pretty good. He had the cocky attitude running right. Benoit came out and reminds him of a rematch clause so that was on for the main event! Next week we get Kane and Lita’s marriage. That’ll be a good bathroom break and time to make a sandwich. What I want to know is if Kane will wear a tuxedo next week. That’d be hilarious if so. Just please, don’t let Lita talk. Jericho and Batista may be in a nice feud now. Jericho won by DQ last night after Flair interfered, but Batista is coming along strong. Power to the roid freak. Edge kept his IC Title against Kane after Matt Hardy came out and busted Kane up. I won’t bother with some of the smaller matches because I took up enough of your time in yesterday’s Blog with the HUGE SummerSlam post. The main event I’ll touch on though. Orton and Benoit were given a good amount of time for another good match. Towards the end of the match, Evolution comes down and distracts Benoit. In doing so, Orton hits a great RKO to keep his belt. Afterwards, Evolution celebrates with Orton. Batista puts him on his shoulders and it’s a good time for all. Triple H gives him the thumbs up sign to signify a good job and then immediately turns it upside down. The carnage! He tells Batista to drop Orton and then Evolution makes him a bloody mess. Should be interesting to see how they play this one out.

Today is a big TV day for me. Not only do I get the USA Olympic Basketball, but more action later on. At 9:00, that’s when it picks up for two shows to watch. At 9:00, the main event of the World Series Of Poker begins with the play of the final table. It’s crazy how Hold Em Poker has caught on the past few years since ESPN runs the tourney on TV now. Seems like every guy I know is into watching this or playing. It’s even the online craze now and I’m in on that madness as well. I’m not a card guy in person (at least not yet anyways), but it’s pretty cool to check out online with no money coming out of my pocket. I’ve been playing on Pacific Poker a lot, but one thing has me bugged. Their free tourney tables for Hold Em are down now to, get this, too many people coming onto their servers. So now the only thing I have on there is regular Hold Em tables, but that’s good enough. Hopefully they fix this problem.

Also at 10:00 should be another good show. I’m hooked on all of these VH1 shows I have to admit. Tonight they’re running on of those From A To Z shows. They’re featuring Guns N Roses in this one. You’ve heard me talk about the GnR special they ran a few weeks ago that was an hour long and how good it was. This one seems decent too. On the previews, they have the promo guy talking about how one time Slash told Charlie Sheen to slow down on his drinking. And the promo guy said that Sheen must’ve been a mess if someone like Slash is giving him advice on drinking. Most of the time I’m a rap guy, but some good 80s hair band stuff is quality as well. Last night I watched Sammy & Dave: Life After Van Halen. This is another hour long deal on how the break ups of Van Halen happened over the year and the feud between David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. Didn’t think I knew anything other rap? w00t!

What’s new in the world of baseball? With about a month and a half left, it’s getting down and dirty time. Not for my Yankees as they already have it won, but some nice division races are happening. I’m really intrigued by the AL Central race. Where in the world did the Indians come from? They’re a team of bums and are ready to win that division. That’s nice to see. Or how about the AL West? Oakland, Texas, and Anaheim all have virtually the same record. Nuts! My Yanks just have to keep their composure going until the playoffs. They’re up 10 games on the Red Sox, which isn’t a race now. I never did get the whole Yanks/Sox rivalry. Sure, the games are hot to watch and they’re intense, but it’s not really a rivalry when one side never wins. Or at least the big games anyways. Yanks do battle in Minnesota starting tonight. On Wednesday night, they’ll be on ESPN, so that’s always good times for sure.

After I got done working out today, I got a weird craving for McDonald’s and that rarely happens. Every now and then though I’ll load up. What did I roll with today you ask? I get a Large #2 with a Hi-C. That’s two cheeseburgers, fries, and a drink. McDonald’s is like hot dogs to me. They’re great for the first half that you eat them. Then once you’re about finished, it sucks so bad and you wish you had never eaten it. I had to get some food going for the Olympic game.

That brings me into the USA Basketball Team game today. This one just ended and we won 77-71. I think we have two teams here. For half the game, we look dominant. We’re running and gunning on the whiteys and doing it like we should. Then, once we get up big, they bomb threes in our faces all day long and we’re standing there like we’re drunk. One bit of advice, get Tim Duncan the ball every single time. Richard Jefferson and Carmelo Anthony need sent home for different reasons, Jefferson because he can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and Anthony for acting like the immature kid he is by crying over playing time. Come on man, you’re 19 years old or whatever. Melo should be glad Karl Malone isn’t on this team to bust him a good one on the side of his face. The Dream Team (92 is the only team worthy of that no matter what you say) wouldn't have put up with that garbage. Set the egos aside. This is the Olympics. You may play big minutes for your NBA team, but not everyone is guaranteed time here, so deal with it and be happy you’re part of the process. Still, we held on for the win and escaped embarrassment. We’re a deep team and that will keep us fresh, but our defense needs to be intense from the get-go, throw it inside more, and stop shooting threes because nobody on the entire team is a 3-shooter.

Rapper: Inspectah Deck – Song: It’s Like That – Album: The Movement

Downtown blowin' my sound, blew out your Alpines
Feel me, I did it for dough, this ain't about rhymes
Cash on delivery, not leavin' without mines
Face tried to powder my shine, it's about time
To politic, poppin' the clip, bust off the hot shit
Holler this, monstrous hit, and stop ya gossip
I rep, what you expect, I took a set back
Crept back, nursin' my wounds, lookin' for get back
Forced to bring the pain, make 'em say my name
Rings have changed, shinin' like I'm Ving Rhames
Or King James, hustlin', I sling game
Sting lames, this money makin' things change
I bless heads, push past the full macs
Left for dead, raised by the wolf packs
Black hoods, leathers with the wool hats
Draw blood, don't even pull gats, it's like that


Anonymous said...

dammit. i cant believe i missed that raw.


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