Saturday, August 14, 2004

Latino Heattttt!

What’s on tap for SummerSlam this weekend? This is one of the four big Pay Per Views of the year for the WWE. They have a card with big potential here. Whether it comes across good on TV, we’ll see, but I know for one, I’m getting excited about the extravaganza. We have a whopping nine matches announced for this one and there’s only a couple that don’t look good from the start. The main match on the card will be World Champion Chris Benoit taking on 24-year old Randy Orton for the belt. If Orton wins, he’ll be the youngest World Champion evarrr in WWE. I predict Orton to win this one and eventually face Triple H at WrestleMania next year, which seems to be the in rumor right now. Also, we have Eddie Guerrero taking on the returning Kurt Angle. This is the match I’m most looking forward to as these guys are two of the best in the world. I pick Eddie here in what hopefully will be EPIC wrestling. You get Bradshaw defending his WWE Title against none other than The Undertaker. This match will be really slow, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong. I have Taker taking this one. Does that make sense even? How about a 3-Way Intercontinental Title Match with Edge putting up his belt against both Jericho and Batista. The PPV is at Toronto, Edge’s hometown, so what will go down here? I’m pulling for Jericho in this one. How can I forget The Game? Triple H will lock heads with resident retard Eugene. Any chance HHH puts over Eugene? Possible, but I’m still going with Trips in this encounter. How about Booker T and his US Title facing John Cena? I might get burnt on this one, but common knowledge makes me pick Cena to thug it out here. In a stupid storyline, Matt Hardy goes against Kane in a Till Death Do Us Part Match. What’s this mess? The winner gets to marry Lita. Yet, Lita revealed last week that Kane is the father of her baby, not Hardy. Only in wrestling. In what will be a slobberknocker, we have a great 6-Man Tag Match with Rey Jr, Kidman, and Paul London on one side with Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, and Spike Dudley on the other. Lastly, we have Diva Dodgeball. I’m not even giving that match any of my time in this post today. Jeff Garcia’s porn chick will be part of this though for whatever that is worth.

Big props goes out to Cork. He was at the beach all week and he stopped over last night and dropped off a cool shirt that we’ve been wanting. For fans of Da Ali G Show on HBO, you’ll know what I’m talking about. On the shirt is Ali G looking all gangsta and above him says “RESPEK”. If you don’t know who Ali G is, you should look into some video clips or sounds on the web. This guy is hilarious. I never remember what sites I plug in here, and maybe I’ve put this up before, but you get it again if I did. Check out one of the better Ali G sites out there and the sound section of this is really good:


There’s not a lot of time for me to stay up crazy late anymore. Bummer huh? Work starts back up for me on August 26th. I have a bit less than two weeks before the grind begins again, but it’s fine by me, as I’ll have paychecks coming in since I didn’t have that luxury over the summer while being a bum. The past two nights I went to bed at 7:00 AM like an idiot, but it’s good times. The way I look at it is this way: I’d be doing the same exact thing at say 11:00 in the morning that I would be doing at 6:00 in the morning on here, so what’s the difference? Might as well stay up all night. I always feel like I’m going to miss something anyways. And usually in the early morning, not many are online, so I’ll take my chances. Still though, I’ll be up late on the weekends during the teaching season. As I start work again this fall, that means only one thing and that we are getting closer and closer to NBA season, my life.

Major announcement, so sit back and take this in. Or lean back if you will. Dusty Rhodes would tell you, “If you wiiiiilll!”Read it a few times if you must because it needs to affect each and every one of your lives. AS OF SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH, THERE ARE 80 DAYS LEFT UNTIL OPENING NIGHT! Or how about this one: 51 DAYS TILL TRAINING CAMP BEGINS!

A tweak in the Celtics/Lakers trade the other day. Gary Payton, the star of this trade, is crying because he didn’t want to report to Boston to take a physical. He’s all mad because he just got his family setup in Los Angeles and has his kids in the schools he wants. Due to the complications, instead of us sending Marcus Banks and a 2nd Round pick to LA, we put Jumaine Jones in, and keep Chris Mihm and Chucky Time Atkins as part of the deal. Yet we keep Banks and the pick, hah. Plus get a pick from LA. Suckers. Paul Pierce has been working out with GP all summer, so hopefully with them being boys (holla at em), The Truth is able to convince GP to get to Beantown and in a hurry. If worse comes to worse, we still have Marcus “Lloyd” Banks and Delonte West waiting in the wing as our point guards. I’m still excited though and want GP as part of the crew.

The past few days I haven’t downloaded a CD. Imagine that one. The last one I got was a few days ago and it’s Ma$e’s new one, Welcome Back. It doesn’t come out in stores till the end of the month, but it’s worth checking out. It’s not mean and in your face rap, but still the flows are good. And I’m not sure about everyone else, but I could watch Ma$e dance around like an idiot all day. That doesn’t get old. He sucks as a dancer, but somehow he makes it looks like he’s halfway decent and hooks you in. I know that’s complicated, but oh well. And putting Ma$e and Puff together dancing? That even ups the scale of unintentional comedy. Don’t lie, you know you’ve all ran around your room late at night doing the Ma$e Dance. Bring back the puffy neon green and yellow suits and you’ll be back in business. I’ll put up some old Ma$e stuff here, with a portion of a song that featured Puff, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Black Rob, and DMX.

Rapper: Ma$e -- Song: 24 Hours To Live -- Album: Harlem World

[Puff Daddy]
I want you to ask yourself one question
If you had twenty four hours to live, what would you do?
That's some deep shit right there, a lot of pressure
How would you handle it?
Ma$e, what would you do?

Yo, I'd turn out all the hoes that's heterosexual
Smack conceited niggas right off the pedestal
I'd even look for my Dad that I never knew
And show him how I look in my Beretta, too
I'd do good shit like take kids from the ghetto
Show them what they could have if they never settle
Take every white kid from high class level
Show 'em what Christmas like growin' up in the ghetto
Teach niggas how to spend, stack the rest
Give blunts to the niggas under massive stress
Give every bum on the street cash to invest
And hope Harlem will blow up be my last request

Yo, yo if I had twenty four hours to kick the bucket, fuck it
I'd probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket
Then go get a jar from Branson
And make sure I leave my Mother the money to take care of Grandson
Load the three power, hop in the Eddie Bauer
And go give all six to that papi that sold me flour
Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls
Shop at the mall, shoot a lil’ ball
Have all of my bitches on one telly at the same time
Spread it out on different floors
And I'm gon' play lotto, for what?
Even though I ain't gon' be here tomorrow, so what


Anonymous said...

I missed watching my man again! no!!! That's alright.. I was watching baseball at a game tonight.. We WON!! Pretty good game.


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